For a Clean and Comfy Home: Best Home Finds Under P1,000


Minimalist, modern, Bohemian—there are many design styles that you can choose from for an aesthetically pleasing home. But across these different styles, there are two common factors that you must maintain to have a beautiful and tranquil space: cleanliness and comfort. There’s no room for dust and clutter in your dream home, which should become a place for your relaxation as well.

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Toy and surface cleaner for frequently-touched surfaces

The first step to a cozy and aesthetically pleasing home is keeping your space clean and clutter-free, but how can you achieve this if you live with babies and kids who constantly make a mess? Storing items properly and having the right tools for cleaning are the key.

For frequently-touched surfaces like cribs and playpens, you’d want to use effective but baby-safe cleaning products like the Messy Baby Toy & Surface Cleaner 200ml for sanitation. This surface cleaner removes harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses without the harmful chemicals found in other synthetic cleaners—so you can rest easy knowing that your home stays safe and squeaky clean. 

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Dish cleaner for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen