Want To Beat The Traffic? This Smooth-Riding Electric Scooter Will Take You Places In No Time


Did you know that electric scooters are now a thing? Yup, these nifty rides have started hitting the streets, especially in congested cities (Manila, Manila…) where public transit’s a bit problematic. While these alternative means of transport may appear like glorified toys for adults at face value, they’re actually much more than they’re given credit for. 

For one, these light rides help you commute green, save money, and save time getting from point A to point B. An e-scooter like the Xiaomi MI Essential offers a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable means of commuting, limiting your carbon footprint and minimizing air pollution and road congestion. 

Light and easy

The MI Essential’s a great budget scooter, providing a solid build of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and value for money—at only P16,999. 

With a top speed of 20 km/h (12.5 mph), dual brakes, 8.5-inch air-filled, pneumatic tires, and weighing just 12kg (26.5 lbs.), it’s one of the best entry-level scooters you can buy today. Perfect for beginners and more experienced commuters alike, it’s a pocket-friendly option for anyone looking for a portable, lightweight ride that can fit anywhere and is easy to lug. 

As its name suggests, it’s Xiaomi’s “essential” model—not lacking any key features, but isn’t crazy-complicated to operate. It only sports two important buttons, the power and throttle, and a cruise control function, which is activated after a few seconds of constant acceleration and deactivated when you brake. 

In for the ride

For its price point, the MI Essential offers a lot of comfort and shock absorption, thanks to its standard-size tires that don’t suffer flats as easily as its predecessors. Carefree, smooth, and pleasant rides are expected from this one, as you’ll hardly feel any bumps—even when you’re going over some smaller potholes. 

Its fenders have also been upgraded and now stabilized against its frame with additional plates. The result? No weird sounds coming from the wheels. Additionally, upgraded, dazzle-free lights plus front, side, and rear reflectors ensure you're seen on the road.

Powered up

With an onboard 5,100mAH NE1002-H Lithium-ion battery, the MI Essential will give you at least 500 charge cycles before you even start noticing a drop in performance. 

Juicing up only takes 3.5 hours, and a full charge can let you go up to 20 kilometers. #speed 

Connect it to the Xiaomi app so you can even read all your ride information and parameters at a glance and activate its anti-theft function for extra security. 

Final word

The Xiaomi MI Essential e-scooter’s ideal for everyday commutes, for fun, or a little bit of both. Take this eco-friendly two-wheeler to run errands, to travel relatively short distances, or to scoot, scoot around town. 

With its fast-folding system (just three seconds to unravel!), you can just hop and go with the MI Essential. 

Shop the Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter Essential for P16,999 at any SM branch of the MI Store nationwide. 

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