New On The Menu: Bestsellers And Crowd-faves At Slashed Prices To Enjoy At Home


If you’ve always wondered what most people order, say, when they virtually get in line at some of the metro’s dining spots for takeaway, now’s your chance to take a sneak peek into your fellow foodie’s choices. 

Just up ahead, we’re bringing you some of the most popular, bestselling eats from both familiar and new food joints found in an SM mall near you. From mains and desserts to snacks and drinks, we’ve got ’em here.

Even better: Our picks are now going at slashed prices until month-end and even up to the third week of February—just enough time for you to sample and savor ’em all. 

Fresh Food Finds for Delivery

Regular Beef Pepper Rice or Chicken Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch

Lunching’s tastier when you order Pepper Lunch’s top go-tos: their regular-sized Beef or Chicken Pepper Rice. Both hot plates deliver the irresistible and familiar aroma of freshly ground, roasted black pepper and the brand’s signature margarine alongside thinly sliced beef or tender juicy chicken. It’s all rounded off with a serving of steaming-hot, fluffy rice. 

Both staples are 20% until February 20—just P200 (originally P250) for the Beef Pepper Rice and P159.20 (before) P199 for the Chicken Pepper Rice. The 20% discount’s also applicable to their other offerings. Just be prepared to add P20 for takeout packaging. 

Hot & Sour Noodle Soup and Pancit Canton from Mey Lin: Pot & Noodle House

Noods for days! If you’re up for some comfort food, try Mey Lin’s Hot & Sour Noodle Soup or their Pancit Canton, which are both 20% off until the 31st. Sip and slurp on the hot and sour soup if your tastebuds are hankering for a rich, savory flavor profile, or get the pancit canton if you want a filling one-pot, all-in-one meal. 

Get the Hot & Sour Noodle Soup for only P235.20 instead of P294 and the Pancit Canton at P256 instead of P320. 

The Ultimate Colonel Burger from G&G Taiwan Famous Fried Chicken

Contrary to its name, this dining spot’s actually a homegrown, local brand, which opened shop in 2021. Their specialty? A mouthwatering selection of Taiwanese-style chicken—spicy and otherwise. You’ll love their Ultimate Colonel Burger, which is 30% off until February 15—going for only P132.30 from P189. 

It’s a sub with a huge chunk of crispy chicken and shredded cabbage, served with G&G’s special burger dressing. Yum!

Leche Flan Brioche Doughnut from Doughmain

Freshly baked, handcrafted doughnuts in distinct Filipino flavors are Doughmain’s forte. We highly recommend sampling their Leche Flan Brioche Doughnut, which retails at 20% for P96 apiece (before P120) until February 15. 

It’s a leche-flan cream-filled dunker made of super-soft and rich brioche bread. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy one of their sweet treats—and that’s basically the same thing. 

Best-selling Favorites

Large Biscoff Coffee Frappe from Baa Baa Thai Tea

There was a time when cookie butter was everywhere—so it’s not surprising at all that this crowd-fave ingredient has reached Baa Baa Thai Tea’s coffee frappe. A large cup’s a delicious confluence of iced coffee-blended frappe with a dollop of cookie butter (aka Biscoff) spread topped with the tea shop’s original recipe of whipped cream and caramel sauce. 

Highly addictive, the large Biscoff Coffee Frappe is at 50% until January 31. You can get it at P200 instead of P400. 

Box of 6 Doughnuts from Caden Handcrafted Donuts

Get your doughnut desires granted when you grab some from Caden Handcrafted Donuts. There’s no doubt that these special cakes have a place in our hearts and tummies—they’re something we can munch on as a much-deserved mid-day pick-me-upper. They also make a thoughtful pasalubong for the kids (and kids at heart). 

You can get a delectable Caden Handcrafted Donuts box of 6 at 45% off until the 31st, for only P209 from P378. 

Rainbow Hotdog from Gorae Hotdog

Game for Korean-style ’dogs? There are different ways to enjoy this fave, savory treat, but over in Korea, these hotdogs are dipped in batter and rolled in potatoes or noodles and deep-fried to crispy perfection. At Gorae Hotdog, they’re offering some in a meaty and cheesy version—with some mochi, too! 

Now at half-price (P100 instead of P200) until February 3, their Rainbow Hotdog consists of layers of mochi, mozzarella, and beef hotdog wrapped in a special dough recipe that’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It has a little bit of everything for hotdog and cheese lovers alike. Hint: They’d go well for your next K-drama binge!

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