5 Cool Finds to Add Personality to Your Home


Personalizing your space is an essential part of completing your dream home, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost you lots of time and money. In fact, something as simple as creative decor or displaying your favorite collectibles might be all you need to transform an ordinary home into a space that matches your aesthetic and reflects your personality. 

If you’re planning to do a mini home makeover, check out these 5 simple but cool ideas that can add a personal touch to your favorite spaces.

Flaunt your fan merch

What’s a better way of incorporating your hobbies and interests into your space than using items like fan merch as your centerpiece? Be loud and proud about the things you love and show off your fan merch in an organized or creative way instead of stashing them in storage boxes.

Need examples? If you’re a K-Pop stan, you can display your albums and lightsticks on floating shelves or open bookcases. Sports fans can also hang their jerseys and other team apparel on their walls. Meanwhile, anime and manga fans can line up their favorite collectibles and figurines like this Funko POP! My Hero Academia: All for One 609 from Filbar’s on acrylic display boxes or transparent racks. 

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Flex your workout gear

Got an empty corner or room in your home? Transform it into a home gym! Aside from making your space a reflection of your active lifestyle, this can also encourage you to work out and pursue your fitness goals on days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym.

A single piece of exercise equipment can do the trick, especially if it’s cool, durable, and lets you enjoy different workout modes like the Renegade Air Bike P2. This stationary bike has a large polyurethane seat, oversized anti-slip foot pegs, and LCD screen that displays all of your workout data in an easy-to-read format.

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Maximize the little things

Sometimes, the little things make the biggest difference in transforming a room’s ambiance. Take scented candles as an example—they can make a coffee table or bedroom dresser look aesthetically pleasing while filling your room with soothing scents. You can also place scented candles in decorative holders or trays if you want extra flair.

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Print your fave photos

This might sound a bit obvious, but another way to personalize your space is to put up your own pictures. You can use Polaroid prints to make a photo wall, or place your pictures in pretty frames that you can prop on your desk. Add some fairy lights, twine, or clothespins if you want to create a dreamy, Instagram-ready look for your home.

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Display your robot vacuum

Most people hide their cleaning equipment in closets or under desks, but you might want to rethink that for robot vacuums with sleek designs like the Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum. This gadget from Dreame comes with an auto empty base, and when put together, these two can give your room an instant cool-looking “cleaning corner” that would be the envy of anyone who likes keeping their space clean and organized.

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