Collector’s Corner: Your Toy Collection’s Begging For You To Score This Cool Bunch


If collecting toys and action figures is your cup of tea, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome, kids-at-heart! While some may frown upon toy collecting, the joy of hunting for, say, a “chase” figure and the pleasure of unboxings (blind or otherwise) more than make up for the flak one puts up with against the naysayers. Not everyone understands the appeal—but we do! 

Beyond the childhood nostalgia, building a toy library takes time and commitment. It’s not just a way to reminisce about carefree and simpler times, but also an avenue to engage in pop culture, build an investment, and actively participate in a hobby. A hobby that keeps us busy and happy and one that also allows us to rediscover our inner child.

Now there’s a multitude of toys and collectibles in the market to choose from. Frankly, they’re being churned out endlessly—much to our delight. But if you’re on the lookout for exclusive finds to add to your growing collection, we’ve got you covered.

Just head on over to the SM Malls Online app, your digital shopping playground, to score this bunch (eight of them!). FYI—you can save an extra P100 on your delivery order for a minimum purchase of P700 when you use the voucher SHOPNOW upon checkout. 

For basketball fans

What do you do when greatness comes knocking? You answer the call, of course! What better way to unleash your greatness within than to get inspired by the GOATs of the hard court? 

Fuel your passion and drive when you score this exclusive Funko POP! Basketball: Michael Jordan (Red Warm-Ups) from Filbar’s via the SM Malls Online app for P900. This POP! figure was specially made for Filbar’s Philippines so you better scoop it up before it sells out!

If the Black Mamba’s your jam, you can emulate his great plays with Toy Kingdom’s Kobe Star Youth Basketball. Save 20% (from P399 to P329) when you purchase it through the SM Malls Online app. 

For animé lovers

There’s no shame in loving the diverse and quirky world of animé and manga. The characters are colorful, dynamic, brimming with positive energy, and come with interesting backstories. What’s not to love? 

Get Filbar's Funko POP! My Hero Academia: Mirio Togata (1004) via the SM Malls Online app for only P600 if you want to get in on the character’s belief of universal kindness. 

Into My Hero Academia’s villains? You can get Cof & Co’s Funko POP! My Hero Academia: Overhaul (1012) for P1,000 via the SM Malls Online app. Heads-up: This one’s a special edition so press checkout before it’s too late!

The vastness of Naruto’s world never gets old! If you’re swooning over Sasuke and his rinnegan aka a potent chakra that boasts ocular power, Cof & Co’s Funko POP! Naruto Shippuden: Sasuke (Rinnegan) (1023) is perfect for you. Get it via the SM Malls Online app for P1,200.


For pop culture geeks

Pokémon, Disney, Pixar, and Marvel are all great fandoms to engage in. And having toys for each one is a must! 

The cute yet feisty Bulbasaur is a non-negotiable as a starter Pokémon (don’t at us!). GeekPH carries a stylized version, the Funko POP! Games Pokémon: Bulbasaur Metallic for P520 (from its original SRP of P650) via the SM Malls Online app.  

Remixed vinyl figures take cuteness to another level. Shop the Funko POP! Pixar 25th Anniversary Alien as Wall-E to get the best of both worlds—your favorite Pizza Planet Alien from Pixar dressed as Wall-E from Disney! Get 20% off on this cutie (now P480 from P600) when you checkout via the SM Malls Online app.  

Lawyer Matt Murdock during the day and fearless Daredevil at night is one of the most beloved heroes in the Marvel universe, whether in the comics or cinema. First of all, he’s a great representation of the differently abled (he’s visually impaired) and his struggles are so relatable. If you’re a fan of the Daredevil and love vintage-looking action figures, shop Toy Kingdom’s Marvel Legends Recollect Retro: Daredevil. Get it only for P400 from P540 via the SM Malls Online app. 

So go ahead, nourish your playful heart and collect authentic toys with confidence via the SM Malls Online app. Remember: Squeezing in a bit of playtime is necessary to break the monotonous and the mundane. 

For first dibs on deals and discounts, don’t forget to check out SM Deals and the SM Malls Online app. P.S. Save an extra P100 on your delivery order for a minimum purchase of P700 when you use the SHOPNOW voucher upon checkout.