Coffee Breaks Just Got Better: Get Any Cinnabon Cold Brew and a Mini PecanBon For Only P199


When you’re having a slow or hectic day in the office, a pick-me-upper is always in order. Something to fuel you for the rest of the day or something to reward yourself for surviving the mid-day hustle and bustle. 

Cue coffee breaks—a much-needed breather to sit with yourself (or with your officemates) to step away from work, socialize, and sip a caffeinated drink. Taken at mid-day, this can also be a time to munch on some snacks aka have merienda. 

Cinnabon®’s perfect pairing can be your go-to—an ice-cold brew of your choice and their classic mini PecanBon. Yum!

The buzz on cold brew

Cinnabon® launched their line of cold brews in 2018, much to the delight of the brand’s avid customers. These aren’t your average iced coffees, though, where the barista just uses normal drip coffee or espresso over ice. 

ICYDK—cold brew is slow-steeped at room temperature for longer periods of time. And it’s milder and tastes less bitter than hot brewed coffee made from the same coffee beans. We owe this coffee magic all to science. 

The process of cold brewing leaves behind some acids that hot brewing pulls out easily. The result? Coffee that’s flavorful, smooth, and mellow (that can hold up for days and still taste fresh)—not just on the palate but on the stomach, too. 

Now Cinnabon® has hopped on the cold brew bandwagon with indulgent flavors such as their signature Cinnamon Cold Brew, Classic Cold Brew, Creamy Cold Brew, and Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew. 

Crafted with spicy hints of cinnamon and creamy traces of the brand’s familiar cream cheese frosting, the Cinnamon Cold Brew is being tagged as the “Cinnabon® experience in a cup.” Another must-try option is the Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew, which adds the classic but subtle sweetness of vanilla beans in your cup of joe. 

Paired with PecanBons

Cinnabon®’s world-famous cinnamon rolls need no introduction. But have you tried their PecanBons? If you haven’t, you’re missing out! They’re your classic, freshly baked Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls topped with luscious caramel frosting and crunchy pecan nuts. You can savor this baked treat on its own, but it’ll taste much better when paired with a tall glass of cold brew. 

Until July 31 at SM Seaside City Cebu, you can get any Cinnabon® cold brew with a mini PecanBon (it’s a mini version of the Caramel PecanBon!) for only P199. 

For coffee breaks over chitchat with colleagues or friends, a smooth, cold brew and a gooey caramel goodie from Cinnabon® can be the unadulterated treat to sweeten up your day. Just imagine—coffee, cinnamon, caramel, and warm bread in one sitting; it doesn’t get any better than that. 

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