Petsa de Peligro Deals That Will Make Both Your Wallet and Tummy Happy


Having a limited budget doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy good food.

It may feel like basic instinct to scrimp on delicious meals when you’ve already maxed out your credit card before the next payday or sworn to save up for an upcoming trip or concert, but that should never be the norm—especially when there are lots of great food out there that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. 

From snackable street food to local and international dishes, a delightful Food Fest is waiting to fill your appetite and satisfy your cravings at SM Supermalls right now. There’s no need to settle for less or repeat the same budget meal over and over again—because with great food deals under P99 and P599, you can indulge in a wide array of yummy choices that fit your budget. 

So, whether it’s already petsa de peligro or you simply want to save money, check out these budget-friendly food finds you can order now for a well-deserved feast!

Yummy finds for P99 and below

Snacks poppin’ with flavors

Are you looking for delicious snacks to enjoy on a busy and loaded afternoon? There are two must-try munchies we recommend from local chicken wings joint Pepa Wings’ menu: their crispy and flavorful Fries and crave-worthy Poppers, a boneless and bite-sized version of their signature hot, fresh, and hand-tossed fried chicken. 

Get eight pieces of Poppers and 80g Fries at Pepa Wings in SM Foodcourts nationwide for only P99 every 2 to 5 PM on all weekdays of September. You can also enjoy this budget-friendly price when you order Cheesy Fries or four pieces of Nuggets and 80g Fries.

Classic local specialties

If you’re looking for delicious Filipino food within your budget, local food chain Kamay Kainan has a wide variety of dishes that you can choose from. This includes Sotanghon, a variety of pancit made of sautéed vermicelli noodles. With a flavorful sauce and different vegetable toppings, this dish lets you enjoy a mix of sweet, savory, and umami tastes in one filling and delicious dish. 

For your mid-day meal, pair this comfort food with another classic local treat: the crowd-favorite Lumpiang Shanghai. This deep-fried spring roll dish is a mainstay on Filipino feast tables, thanks to the delightful crunch of its lumpia wrappings and the yummy mix of ground meat and other vegetables for its fillings.

Good news: You can order Sotanghon and Lumpiang Shanghai for only P99 at Kamay Kainan in SM Foodcourt every 2 to 5 PM on all weekdays of September.

For your chicken cravings

Whether you’re looking for a slightly heavy snack or a light lunch, Burger King’s X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich Combo has your cravings for something crispy, yummy, and appetite-filling covered. This affordable food combo’s main star is, of course, the X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich—a mouthwatering treat with lightly breaded fried chicken, shredded lettuce, and creamy mayonnaise sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. 

It also comes with fries and drinks so you can enjoy a complete meal, so order the X-tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich Combo now for only P85 at Burger King in SM malls nationwide!

Indulgent coffee break treats

What’s a better combo to enjoy during coffee breaks than an energy-boosting drink paired with a sweet treat? Take your pick between two of Krispy Kreme’s signature blends: the Signature Hot Coffee, which lets you enjoy the rich and smooth taste of classic brewed coffee, or their Hot Americano, which features their signature roast espresso with or without milk. 

Both drinks come in a combo with Krispy Kreme’s world-famous Original Glazed donut, which has a soft dough and blissful sugary glazed coating that can quickly sweeten your day. Save P50 on a combo of 12oz Signature Hot Coffee or Hot Americano with an Original Glazed donut, which is available for only P99 at Krispy Kreme in SM Seaside City Cebu until September 30

Delicious group meals for P599 and below

Ultimate mukbang must-haves

Live your and your barkada’s K-drama main character moments without going out of your budget with Mr. Kimbob’s affordable offerings, which include their menu bestsellers like the Bibimbob. Like the classic Korean dish, the Bibimbob has assorted ingredients like corn, carrots, kimchi, and meat that you can mix with rice, egg, and Mr. Kimbob’s special chili paste sauce for extra spice. Enjoy this treat with other classic Korean dishes like Mandu, the Korean version of dumplings with savory fillings, and Beef Japchae, a stir-fried glass noodle treat with a distinctly savory and slightly sweet taste.

Feast on two sets of Bibimbob, two rice, one serving of Mandu, and one serving of Beef Japchae for only P599 at Mr. Kimbob in SM Foodcourt during the entire month of September.

Your Japanese food favorites