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Different people have different coffee preferences—and sometimes, one’s age (or generation) can play a role in deciding their favorite cup of joe. Survey shows that iced coffee is a favorite among most younger people, while older generations would rather have their coffee served hot. Each generation’s willingness to try new flavors and preparation methods also varies.

Despite these contrasting coffee preferences between people of different ages, there is one thing everyone—no matter how young or old—can agree on: Coffee is an essential part of the day. To help you satisfy your caffeine cravings, here’s a list of our top picks of the best brews according to each generation’s tastes. Find your favorite now and enjoy a caffeine-powered day!

The Gen Z coffee pick: Cool and creative 

Gen Z is always game to try something new, which also applies to their coffee preferences. Dalgona coffee’s rise in popularity among youngsters is one of the greatest proofs that they don’t shy away from experimenting with their cup of joe, and this willingness to try makes them the best audience for creative flavors and unique coffee offerings. 

Because of this, we highly recommend Caramia’s Coffee Gelato Shake as a Gen Z drink. It levels up your usual cup of coffee by combining it with the fan-fave dessert shop’s signature Coffee Mudslide gelato, which is made of coffee, oreo, and chocolate cashew brittle. This gelato serves as the beverage’s base, and it is then blended with milk to create a cool and delectable drink that’s perfect if you need an instant pick-me-up.

Get the Coffee Gelato Shake for only P220 at Caramia Cakes and Gelato in SM City Calamba, SM City Fairview, SM City Grand Central, SM Mall of Asia, SM City Marikina, SM Megamall Atrium, and SM North The Block.

Starbucks also has a new drink on its menu that’s perfect for Gen Z peeps who love creative flavor mixes: the Honeycomb Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappuccino. While most frappes are made with whole milk, this iced beverage uses oat milk, which has fewer fats and sugar plus more fiber. This oat milk is mixed with coffee and caramel syrup to create a sweet mix, which is then topped with whipped cream, honeycombs, and a drizzle of caramel for the ultimate Gen Z coffee treat. 

The Honeycomb Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappuccino is available in three sizes for only P220, P235, and P250 until July 24 in select Starbucks branches in SM Malls nationwide.

Iced drinks for the chill millennials

Like Gen Z, millennials are pretty chill with their coffee choices. This generation is up for extraordinary flavors, such as fruity frappes, but will also happily reach for classics like mocha and vanilla. One thing’s for sure, though: Millennials are the age group that deeply appreciates an energizing cup of iced coffee with extra whipped cream on top. 

What’s a more fitting frappe flavor for the generation closely associated with avocado toast than the avocado itself? That’s right, millennials; spread your love for avocado toast (wink, wink) to your daily cup of joe with J.Co’s tasty Avocado Frappe! This ice-blended best-seller is a mix of an espresso shot, ice nuggets, fresh milk, and avocado powder, which are then topped with mocha cream and garnished with chocolate flakes. Overall, it has a light coffee flavor and a rich avocado taste that perfectly complements each other. 

Order an Avocado Frappe and get a free Glazzy Donut to match the mood at J.Co Donuts and Coffee in select SM branches nationwide.

For millennials who prefer classic flavors, Cinnabon’s Mochalatta is the dream decoction. This signature iced drink from the world-famous bakery mixes coffee with chocolate, then tops it with whipped cream and drizzles of Ghirardelli chocolate for a satisfying sweetness in every sip. It’s also stirred, not blended, which helps bring out the decadent and distinct chocolate flavors with extra hints of coffee.

The Mochalatta pairs exceptionally well with another best-seller from Cinnabon’s menu—the Minipecanbon. This cinnamon roll uses the bakery’s world-famous recipe, which features a combo of warm dough, Makara cinnamon, and their signature cream cheese. It is then topped with decadent caramel frosting and pecans for a perfect crunch that matches every sip of your Mochalatta. 

Order the Minipecanbon + Mochalatta combo for only P215 at all Cinnabon branches in SM Malls nationwide.

The Gen X-approved brunch brews 

Calling all Titas of Manila! Good coffee is an important part of any Gen X brunch spread, and it should always be paired with a scrumptious pastry to snack on while you exchange stories with your fellow Gen X-ers. Here are some of our favorites:

All-day breakfast, you say? This Medium Brewed Coffee and Waffle combo from Dunkin is a guaranteed classic. Satisfy your tastebuds with the perfect balance of flavors in this medium roast blend made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans, which also boasts a rich and smooth taste that makes every sip enjoyable. To complete the brunch mood, pair it with Dunkin’s soft, fluffy, and thick waffle—a treat that contains a hint of nutmeg and is served with butter and maple syrup. 

Get the Medium Brewed Coffee and Waffle combo for only P151 from Dunkin in SM City Telabastagan until July 31. That’s P20 less than its original price!

The elegant ambiance and fine selection of Neapolitan food at Salvatore Cuomo Cafe make it an excellent hangout spot for Gen X titas and titos who enjoy fancy afternoon breaks. If you’re wondering what to order when visiting the café with your amigas and amigos, we recommend getting the Afternoon Set. This all-in-one treat includes an ensemble of snacks and two cups of coffee that you can enjoy while exchanging stories (or tea!) with each other. 

Ranging from sweet to savory, the snack selection includes indulgent servings of Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake, Sicilian Cannoli, Arancini, Carpaccio di salmone, and other Salvatore Cuomo Cafe best-sellers. The entire set’s servings are good for two persons, and you can also choose which hot or iced coffee to pair with the snack ensemble. Head to Salvatore Cuomo Cafe in The Podium and order the Afternoon Set now for only P990!

Brewed classics for the boomers

Among these different generations, boomers have the highest tendency to prefer traditional coffee all the way. This means coffee brewed in simple and traditional ways, served hot, and only with classic flavors—like this cup of Hot Americano from Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe

Made of espresso and hot water, this Hot Americano has a rich and bold taste that’ll keep you awake and energized. It’s the perfect morning coffee for boomers with a busy day at work, and it’s also a nice cup of joe to pair with pastries for your afternoon breaks. Head to Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe in SM City Rosales and enjoy a cup of Hot Americano at 20% off until July 31.

No matter your generation, you can find the perfect coffee treat for your cravings at SM Malls nationwide. Discover a variety of blends and brews from SM Malls’ annual Coffee Fest now and enjoy delectable drinks for your daily caffeine fix. For more exciting deals and discounts, visit SM Deals or download the SM Malls Online app!

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