Hurrah! Here are the Best Pay-yay Weekend Deals You Don’t Want to Miss


Congratulations! You survived yet another month. Yay! Not gonna lie—we all deserve a little treat after a hard day’s work, and now that payday has arrived, it’s time to check out some of the best sales from SM Malls Online this auspicious and much-anticipated day has to offer. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your daily driver or finally grab that hot-ticket item you’ve been eyeing for the longest time, you can do so at a fraction of the price via your SM Malls Online app from August 30 to September 2. 

Don’t have it yet? This is your sign to have it up and running on your device. Doing so gives you the chance to key in voucher SUPERPAYDAY for an extra P150 off your orders, with a minimum spend of P500, which is open to both standard and same-day delivery options. 

Curious to check out what’s in store this payday weekend? Scroll to find out some of the best online deals that’s totally worth the spend. 

Comfort Seat Cushion at 62% off

Elevate your office desk with a supportive seat cushion from Surplus. Instead of investing in a new chair, you can grab this one for significantly less money and still get an upgraded and more comfortable seating setup. 

Comes in gray, this backrest chair foam is at 62% right now, retailing for only P300 instead of P799. It provides back and bottom support, with a built-in strap at the back to keep it in place. 

Shop this nice-to-have if you’re looking to reduce pressure and improve comfort. It’s also quite portable so you can take it at work or during travels. 

Dowell Wall Fan 16” at 50% off

Cool down your space without taking up precious floor space with this 16-inch Dowell Wall Fan from trusty Ace Hardware, now at half-price for only P1,197.50 from P2,395. 

This can be mounted on your wall and can be adjusted to direct airflow where it’s needed most. If you’ve a small living space, say an apartment or condo, or where floor space is limited, we suggest grabbing this one. 

It’s equipped with a high-performance motor, three-speed control, and a three-leaf blade that oscillates at 60 watts—this is typical and acceptable low-wattage that lets you save on energy costs compared to traditional AC units. 

Fisher-Price® Baby Biceps™ Gift Set at 50% off

Stimulate your baby’s senses and let them pump up at playtime with the Fisher-Price® Baby Biceps™ Gift Set from Toy Kingdom. 

Now at 50% off (P900 from P1,800), this bundle features four gym-themed toys for tiny would-be fitness lovers. A soft, wearable headband gives your little one a retro-inspired look as they lift and chew the kettle bell rattle, curl up and clack the dumbbell, and take a “sip” of the jingling protein shake. So cute! 

Don’t hesitate to score this set, as the toys included here can help your little miss or mister explore the world around them—in a super adorable way.