Mmm, These Mouthwatering Merienda Treats Are Perfect For Every Mood


Mood check: How are you feeling right now, bestie?

Your emotions and the atmosphere around you can influence many things, like your productivity level, response to certain situations, and even your cravings. For example: A happy mood may make you want to treat your tastebuds with an extra yummy meal, while a stressful day at work may spark your cravings for a sweet treat. Each feeling is different from the other, but one thing’s for sure: Finding the perfect match to your current mood is always a delightful experience.

Today, let your mood decide what merienda treat you’ll happily munch on during your break from the daily grind. Check out our recommendations below for the best mid-day snacks to match your current state of mind!

The sweetest pick-me-upper 

Are you feeling a little sad, stressed, or frustrated? A pastry filled with sweetness and chocolatey goodness might help lift your spirits! The Choco Aleck is a pastry from Breadtalk that lets you enjoy a fluffy snow-powdered bread filled with delectable and velvety choco buttercream. Its light and flaky texture offers an indulgent melt-in-your-mouth goodness to distract you from your troubles and make your stress fade. So, for your next mid-day break, order this sweet treat and whip up a cup of hot chocolate or coffee to enjoy it with!

Perk up your day now with the decadent Choco Aleck, which you can get for only P48 at Breadtalk in SM malls nationwide.

Comfort food for a rainy day mood

Feeling “senti” while it’s raining may seem like a cliché movie moment, but it does happen in real life. And on days when embracing the cold weather and listening to the ambient pitter-patter of the rain makes you yearn for something warm and comforting, enjoying a delicious bowl of Lomi may just do the trick. 

At Graceland Bakers Plaza, you can order this Filipino version of chicken noodle soup for merienda. With its mix of thick broth, thick noodles, and vegetables, each bowl guarantees a hearty and filling meal that pairs well with a sentimental atmosphere. To make it even better, you can order Graceland Bakers Plaza’s Lomi with Tipid Fries—another comfort food you can conveniently snack on while reminiscing during a rainy day. 

Order the Lomi and Tipid Fries bundle for P163 at Graceland Bakers Plaza in SM City Sorsogon and save P24 from its original price until September 30.

For days when you’re feeling busy

Even on your busiest days, you should still spare time to enjoy delicious food. To match the fast pace of your schedule, you can opt for a to-go snack that you can conveniently savor while on the way to your next meeting or activity. For this, we recommend Shawarma Shack’s Large Chicken Shawarma Wraps which let you enjoy a tasty mix of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and chicken strips with their signature garlic and cheese sauce wrapped in freshly baked pita bread. This snack is perfect for hassle-free eating, so make sure to try it on your next busy day!

Enjoy two Large Chicken Shawarma Wraps for the price of one at P95 with Shawarma Shack’s buy one, get one deal in select SM branches nationwide until September 30.

In the mood for an energy booster

Coffee is an instant energy booster, and one way to enjoy it more is by pairing it with a delicious treat like Banh Mi’s sandwiches. Choose between Traditional flavors like The Classic and Lemongrass Chicken or their deluxe Creations like Wagyu Tapa or Samgyupsal Kimchi to pair with rich caffeinated drinks like House Blended Viet Coffee, Roasted Hazelnut Coffee, or Caramel Coffee to power up your day. No matter which combo you pick, these merienda treats will surely awaken your senses and satisfy your appetite.

Save up to P29 on any Traditional or Creations Banh Mi sandwich and Medium Beverage combo at Banh Mi Kitchen in SM City Sorsogon until September 30.

For a relaxed and laidback atmosphere

Are you looking for a yummy snack to enjoy while chilling out? Try the delectable Burritos of Buffalo's Wings N' Things, which are available in Beef, Chicken, or Pulled Pork flavors to satisfy your cravings. This tortilla-wrapped dish makes an excellent casual meal, and it’s also a hassle-free finger food to munch on while watching a movie, playing games, or doing other laidback activities. 

With the delightful blend of flavors and textures from its wrappings down to its vegetable and meat fillings, every bite of this tasty snack will leave you satisfied. Order these mouthwatering Burritos now for only P299 at Buffalo's Wings N' Things in SM malls.

Your festive holiday spirit’s match

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we know exactly which local favorite rice cake can hype your festive mood further. Traditionally, Filipinos enjoy a warm and freshly baked bibingka after the holidays’ Simbang Gabi. That’s why this local snack is closely associated with Christmas—and if you’re already feeling the Christmas spirit, Bibingkinitan’s Bibingka Overload is the snack you’d want to savor right now.

This special bibingka flavor combines the usual bibingka recipe with cheddar cheese and salted duck egg for its toppings, bringing a mix of slightly sweet and salty flavors that blend well with the delicacy’s soft and moist texture. Get the Bibingka Overload for only P33 per piece or P198 for a box of 6 at Bibingkinitan Mini-Bibingka at SM City Lipa and select SM branches nationwide.

When you’re feeling super lucky