Gift-Shopping Guide: 5 Cool Presents for Every Man in Your Life


Take a look around you and spot the awesome and inspiring men in your life. Many of them have been personal role models to us as they have exemplified the perfect balance between courage and kindness. A lot of them have also gone above and beyond to work their fingers to the bone and make an impact on their communities.

So, with or without any occasion, make sure to show some appreciation for all that they have done and been for you.

Aside from the tightest hugs and touching words that we can offer, go the extra mile to shower the men in your life with some thoughtful gifts. To get you kickstarted with gift shopping, we’ve put together a list of items you can surprise them with.

Massage chair for your hard-working dad

With the multiple hats that our old man wears within and beyond the household, it’s a huge treat for him to receive a gift that allows him to take a breather. There’s no other convenient way to unwind than by lounging in a comfortable massage chair. Not only does this relieve stress, but it also helps ease neck and lower back pain, sets one up for a deeper good night’s sleep, and helps in enhancing one’s mood.

Certainly, a massage chair is a perfect gift for your hardworking pops.

Invest in the Master Drive AI from OGAWA Philippines as it is useful for getting much-needed massages and measuring certain health levels. Your dad can easily control the massage settings via voice command and even monitor his stress levels through the biofeedback, heart rate, and oxygen level that it counts using its GSR sensor.

Zero Gravity recline is also possible, paving the way for all the weight from the legs and joints to be released and for him to feel as if he’s lying down on puffy clouds. Certainly, relaxation is within reach for your dad thanks to this massage chair, so gather your siblings and chip in on this for him!

Bluetooth speaker for your cool brother

If your big bro is a music lover, then he’s going to love getting his hands on a portable Bluetooth speaker. With just a few taps, he can connect his devices to the speaker and jam around the house. Singing along and hanging out with his buddies is also a lot more fun when they can vibe to the same music, so a Bluetooth speaker is just the right item for that.

What’s incredible about this is that your brother doesn’t have to worry about tangling long cords to set this up as it only deals with the finest wireless connection.

Make your way to Digital Walker and snag the Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker for your bro as it boasts  a 16W battery, enabling him to play songs for 24 hours straight. Aside from the crystal clear sound that it releases, this speaker is also waterproof, so it’s ideal for any environment.

We also recommend the SRS-XB13 from Sony primarily because it’s compact and easy to carry around. Despite its small shape, it amplifies powerful music like no other thanks to its Sound Diffusion Processor.

Shoes for your stylish boyfriend

Whether or not your boyfriend is a huge sneakerhead, shoes are an infallible gift as it is an everyday item. A good pair of cozy kicks is a must-have for anyone to breeze through the day-to-day tasks without any inconveniences brought about by footwear. Shoes can bring people to places too, so encourage your boyfriend to achieve greater heights and take on adventures with you through this gift.

For occasions that require your significant other to suit up and keep up with men’s fashion, the Tourflex Loafers from ALDO Philippines is a great addition to his ensemble. Aside from its sophisticated look, it exudes exceptional comfort and traction which gives him much foot control.

For casual days at the office or chill weekend dates, the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 EX is definitely your boyfriend’s next go-to pair. These classic lifestyle running sneakers is lightweight, so walking long distances would not be a problem!

Body bag for your on-the-go uncle

When exploring different cities and provinces, it’s important to have a handy and convenient bag for men. That said, this makes an excellent present for your uncle, especially if he loves flying to other countries or wandering the local streets. Body bags are surely the best ones to bring on a trip to ensure the security and safety of your uncle’s belongings.

On top of that, it’s not a hassle to carry as it distributes the weight of the bag to his entire body, and it’s effortless to strap around when rushing out.

When shopping for reliable body bags, swing by Herschel and snap up the Heritage Shoulder Bag. It’s slim yet spacious which enables your uncle to bring his essentials with him. Its strap can also be clipped to either the left or right side of the bag, so it can conveniently be switched from one shoulder to another.

You also won’t regret giving the Men's Chantaco Leather Body Bag from Lacoste as it has multiple zippers for your uncle’s essentials. Having a leather strap that’s also detachable and adjustable, this leather bag is where function meets form.

Mobile gaming controller for your gamer guy friend

Call your friends; the match is about to start! Playing mobile games has never been faster and more convenient with controllers, so giving this as a present to your gamer friends will certainly help them win. This quick and easy setup takes your friends’ on-the-go mobile gaming experience to the next level and allows them to play anywhere, anytime.

Using controllers also adds to the feel of being immersed in the game, making it more real as if your friends are the actual characters running for their lives.

Planning to give this to your friend? We highly recommend GameXtreme’s Gamesir X2 Type C Mobile Controller for his Android smartphone. This is durably designed to stretch and fit a phone that has a length of 173 mm while also having a connection for Type-C plugs. To prevent your friends’ devices from overheating, this mobile controller also has purposely created a gap to guarantee air circulation.

No matter the circumstances, don’t let a day go by without expressing your love and gratitude to every man in your life. Doing so doesn’t have to be grand and luxurious; rather, it can be in the form of helping them out or simply telling them that you appreciate them. Ultimately, don’t forget to make the most out of your time together and create lasting memories with each one.

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