Wow The Crowd With These Potluck-Perfect Food Deals You Can Order Now


There’s nothing better than a potluck party to bring a sense of togetherness to any occasion, especially holidays like Christmas which are spent with your loved ones. With everyone pitching in hearty meals that are good for sharing, each dish on the party table is prepared thoughtfully and with lots of love. 

But if you don’t know how or don’t have time to cook homemade food for sharing, you can still contribute to the potluck party by ordering any of these goodies from crowd-favorite restos. From the main course to sweet refreshments, these potluck menu ideas will make crowds say “wow” without burning a hole in your wallet.

A plate of classic faves

Our recommendation: Racks

Not sure which cuisines or tastes will satisfy your fellow potluck attendees’ tastebuds? Go with a plate of classic party food prepared especially for the Christmas season by Racks! The homegrown casual dining restaurant is best known for its house specialty flame-grilled ribs, whose juiciness and fall-off-the-bone goodness will never fail to please a crowd.

This specialty main dish comes with rice and side dishes like salad or corn and carrots in Racks’ Holiday Blue Plates offer, which you can enjoy on a buy one, get one deal for the entire month of December. From an original price of P1,190, this potluck-worthy treat will only cost you P595!

Japanese food picks

Our recommendation: Tenya 

Calling all fans of Japanese cuisine! Japanese tendon restaurant chain Tenya helps you bring one of the country’s most popular delicacies to the potluck party table with the Superstar Tendon meal. Your loved ones can enjoy this meal’s hefty servings of King Prawn Tempura, sweet potato kakiage, and camote tops tempura with Japanese rice or as standalone finger food or entrees. 

Aside from Japanese rice, the Superstar Tendon meal also comes with tender and flavorful ribeye steak that complements its rich selection of crispy tempura and kakiage treats. Enjoy a buy one, get one deal on Tenya’s Superstar Tendon for only P375 (from an original cost of P750) from December 1 to 31. 

A very cheesy mix

Our recommendation: Tenya Express

Queso de bola is one of the main stars of traditional Christmas menus, so bringing cheese-related dishes to a potluck party definitely fits the holiday mood. But instead of cheese sandwiches or charcuterie cheese platters, why not opt for cheese-topped versions of your loved ones’ favorite dishes for an upgraded festive treat? Tenya Express’ All-Star Express Cheesy Don combines mouthwatering shrimp, chicken, and pork tempura in one large rice bowl. These dishes are served over Japanese rice and topped with melted cheese, giving the whole meal a nice texture and flavor for you and your fellow potluck party-goers to indulge in. 

From an original price of P750, the All-Star Express Cheesy Don is available on a buy one, get one deal for only P375 until December 31 at Tenya Express.

For the sides and drinks

Our recommendation: Wendy's

While everyone else’s focus is on the main course, you can pitch in delicious side dishes and drinks instead to keep the potluck party menu well-rounded. Wendy’s Macaroni Salad is a healthy treat that combines macaroni, cucumber, tomato, carrots, jello, and grated cheese in a bed of lettuce served with thousand island dressing—and it pairs well with almost every meal. It is also available in big servings, so you don’t have to worry about running out of sumptuous salad to feed your guests.

If you’re looking for a sweet refreshment to match this side dish and other dishes on your potluck party table, we highly recommend the fruity and tasty Wendy’s Peach Iced Tea. This drink combines freshly brewed black tea and peach nectar, and it is currently available in a one-liter bottle—which is perfect if you’re dining with a group. Until December 31, you can buy two Big Macaroni Salad big plates and get two Peach Litro Iced Tea for only P214 at Wendy’s. That’s a total of P210 savings from its original price of P424!

Make room for pastries

Our recommendation: Caden Handcrafted Donuts

If you’re planning a potluck party with kids, it might be a good idea to prepare sweet treats like pastries for them to enjoy as well. An assorted Box of 6 premium donuts from Caden Handcrafted Donuts lets them sink their teeth into soft and freshly-baked donuts with unique and delectable flavors like Hazelnut Dream, Cream Cheese, Mais con Crema, and Ube Cheese Polvoron.