Sea-ze The Day With These Fabulous Beach Babe Essentials


Ladies, are you ready to match the rising temperatures by bringing your hottest and most fabulous self on your next beach trip? 

The beach is one of the places where you are free to have fun, be adventurous, or slay with your boldest and freshest looks. That’s why it’s the best place to live out your Hot Girl Summer dreams—and since this season doesn’t last forever, you should seize this golden opportunity to unleash your inner beach babe and enjoy every moment of your vacation. 

One of the keys to fully enjoying your beach trip is adequate preparation, which includes picking your outfits ahead of time, packing the right beauty products, and even visiting the salon to complete your dream summer look. To help you turn up the heat this season, check out this list of beach babe essentials you should bring and prepare for your next trip.

Your summer-ready look

Does your dream summer look include a new hairstyle, smoother and more radiant skin, or other glow-ups that may require a trip to the beauty salon? Take note that some beauty treatments take several sessions before their results become visible, so it’s best to attend to them before your beach trip to avoid any hassle. 

If you prefer to have hairless ’pits for your beach trip, you should shave, wax, or get a hair removal treatment like Dermstrata’s Diode Laser service before your vacation. Diode laser is a laser hair removal treatment that safely and effectively targets hair follicles and removes them without damaging your skin. Dermstrata offers a gentler approach to hair removal, so you can expect less pain when availing of their Diode Underarm treatment.

Get ten sessions of Diode Underarm treatments for only P5,950 at Dermstrata in SM Seaside City Cebu until May 31.

Stunning swimsuit alert!

Confidence is key to becoming the Ultimate Beach Babe, and what else can make you feel more confident when strutting down the seaside than a stylish swimsuit that highlights your best features? 

For ladies with pear, hourglass, or slim figures, the BENCH/ Two Piece One Shoulder Swimsuit accentuates your curves and levels up your summer look. Available in a stunning dark blue color, this nylon spandex swimsuit has a one-shoulder top design matched with low-waist bikini bottoms. It already has pads for support and offers full butt coverage so that you can enjoy your time at the beach without worries. 

Get this Women's One-Shoulder Two-Piece Swimsuit at 62.8% off for only P279 at Bench in SM City Telabastagan until May 31.

A sundress to impress

Are you looking for a stylish cover-up or beach outfit alternative for swimsuits? Flowy and fashionable sundresses are the answer! Feel the seaside breeze with the midi-length design of Plains & Prints’ Natural Tahoe Sleeveless Dress, which lets you stay comfortably cool despite the summer weather thanks to its cotton blend fabric.

This dress features a quintessential striped summer print that emphasizes its gorgeous fit, while a statement bow detail on its chest area and fringes at the hem add flair to its overall look. The Natural Tahoe Sleeveless Dress also comes with a matching mask. And the best thing about it? This dress’ semi-pencil skirt also has a feature that any lady will surely appreciate: front pockets! 

Enjoy a 50% discount on the Natural Tahoe Sleeveless Dress W/ Mask at Plains & Prints in SM City Tanza until May 31.

The ultimate shade

There are two main reasons why sunglasses are a staple accessory in every beach babe’s summer wardrobe. First, they help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays contribute to damage and long-term issues like cataracts or photokeratitis, a condition that’s also called sunburn of the eyes.

Aside from this eye protection benefit, a stylish pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your beach outfits. The EO Shields SH2210 Sunglasses bring a sleek yet sophisticated touch to your summer look with its rectangle acetate frame’s trendy design, making it a must-have accessory for the sunny season.

Enjoy a buy-two, take-one deal on sunglasses, including this pair of EO Shields SH2210 Sunglasses worth P560, at Executive Optical in SM City Olongapo Central until May 31.

Tote-ally essential

Of course, you need a bag to store your belongings while lounging or swimming on the beach. Whether you’re a light packer or need lots of extra stuff like snacks and speakers to enjoy your beach trip, Sunnies Studios’ tote bag is an excellent option for carrying all your travel essentials in style.

This medium-sized tote bag is perfect for beach trips since it is crafted with water-repellent recycled materials that’ll keep your items dry no matter what. With its spacious storage, this lightweight and durable tote can fit your essentials despite its compact size. It also comes with a fabric strap that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Get a free tote bag when you purchase at least P995 worth of sunglasses and anti-rad eyewear at Sunnies Studios in SM City Sorsogon until May 31!

A reliable sun shield

Every beach babe knows the importance of using reliable sunscreen and other SPF-loaded products to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Dermatologists recommend an SPF 30 level or higher for beach trips—which is why the Celeteque Skin Defense Daily Protection Matte Moisturizer and its SPF 50 level protection are perfect for your next vacation.

Working as a matte moisturizer with a non-greasy finish, the Celeteque Skin Defense Daily Protection Matte Moisturizer has a broad-spectrum filter that fights UVA and UVB rays and blue light radiation. It also has properties that help reduce the effects of pollution on your skin while increasing your skin’s moisture and hydration when used regularly.

Get the 50mL Celeteque Skin Defense Daily Protection Matte Moisturizer for only P330 at Watsons in SM Savemore Tacloban and SM Center Ormoc.

Freshness in a bottle

Wondering how you can look and feel fresh despite the sweltering heat? Having a spritz of body mist might be the summer hack you need! Feel instantly cool, refreshed, and hydrated with skincare essentials like The Body Shop’s special edition Refreshing Passionfruit Body Mist, which includes passionfruit oil and hyaluronic acid in its ingredients.

Suitable for normal to dry skin types, this body mist is great for the hot and humid weather because it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on your skin. It is also absorbed quickly by your skin and leaves a refreshingly tangy and summery scent.

Score a 40% discount on The Body Shop Refreshing Passionfruit Body Mist at The Body Shop in SM City Butuan until May 31.

Be your most stunning self for your next beach trip with these summer essentials at SM Malls nationwide. For more exciting deals and discounts, visit SM Deals or download the SM Malls Online app!