Hello, Future Baking Pro: Get These Baking Essentials Fast Without Having To Leave The House


How do you start learning how to bake? It’s a simple, straightforward question, but one that yields so many answers. There are cakes, cookies, scones, brownies, bread, and everything in between—it can be pretty overwhelming and even a bit disheartening when you don’t have a clue where to start. 

There’s YouTube, TikTok, and baking shows as teachers, of course, but we’re also here to help kickstart your journey. First order of business: essential ingredients. Truth is, the finest, most topnotch ingredients are needed to make your bakes pop with lots of flavor and texture. And not all flours, sugars, or baking powders are made equal—some have very specific roles to play. 

Up ahead is our checklist of essentials that you can simply add to your cart, checkout, and get via same-day delivery—should you decide (even on a whim) to start whipping up some basic bakes today. 

P.S. If you’re reading this or if you’ve reached this part, this is really your sign to get baking!

All-Purpose Flour

There’s nothing more essential in baking than flour. Without it and the gluten it creates, your baked goodies won’t get the right structure. It’s the one ingredient that rules them all. Start with the most basic—the all-purpose flour, which is basically what flour that can be used in any recipe. Get a 1-kilo pack of APF from All About Baking for only P65. 

Dark Brown Sugar

A sweetener is also necessary if you’re planning to create saccharine goodies. While most standard recipes recommend white granulated sugar, you can also use All About Baking’s dark brown sugar as a viable substitute. A 1-kilo pack only retails for P68. 

Unsalted Premium Butter Compound

In basic cooking or baking theory, fat is flavor. It’d be awesome to imagine any cake or dessert recipe that doesn’t require or contain fat, but, unfortunately, most of them do—so butter is a pantry essential. Wonderbake’s 225-gram unsalted premium butter compound can be an option at P50 apiece. It’s regular butter that’s been softened to a pliable state, so you're left with a creamy spread that's packed with extra, fatty flavor. 

Iodized Salt

This type of salt can be used as a seasoning or baking ingredient as you would regular table or sea salt. Since the granules are small, thin, and easily dissolve in liquid, it’s ideal for making sauces or even putting a pinch in an ice cream base. FYI—salt helps balance and enhance the flavor of your creations and shouldn't be overlooked. Get Master Chef’s Free Flowing Iodized Salt from Wonderbake at P35. 

Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder’s one of the most used ingredients to flavor desserts and make them taste richer. Kessler’s alkalized cocoa powder (also called Dutch Process), which retails for P206 from Wonderbake, has a higher pH level due to an alkali solution added to the cocoa beans, nibs, or powder. The result is reduced acidity and a darker chocolate hue, ranging from a deep reddish brown to nearly black. It’s most commonly used in baking with recipes that call for baking powder. 

Baking Powder

A raising agent such as Calumet’s Baking Powder is needed for most cakes and baked goods. It has a delayed rising action than baking soda, so its mechanism is best for pastries, as it only starts to work in the oven and not while you’re making a batter. Shop a 200-gram pack from Wonderbake for only P47. 

Cinnamon Powder

If you’re a big fan of cinnamon (like we are!), then having Wonderbake’s Cassia Cinnamon Powder is a perfect nice-to-have. Use it to add some kick to your bread, scones, or rolls. Just imagine creating sweet cinnamon rolls in your kitchen while being enticed by the spice’s warm and strong yet homey aroma. A pack only costs P130. 

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