This Season’s Best Smart Riding Suitcase Will Help You Travel With Ease and in Style


Smart luggage—it calls to mind suitcases with portable batteries, but they’re more than just that these days. 

Case in point: the Airwheel SE3S Smart Riding Suitcase, adorned with some tech-savvy features that are great for getting around the airport quicker—especially when you’re rushing to your connecting flights. 

Effortless and chic

Equipped with a push rod motor, allowing for effortless electric folding with just a push of a button, the Airwheel SE3S is a great option if you want a suitcase that’s equally fashionable and functional. 

Thanks to its electric retractable design, the Airwheel SE3S’ aluminum body remains stable even when you're on the move, so you don't have to worry about slipping or losing balance while riding. 

Riding, you say? Yup, the Airwheel SE3S is a scooter suitcase—perfect for jet-setters who are always in a hurry or just tired of walking or wandering forever around the airport. 

Riding on it lets you glide through the airport crowds with ease and allows you to get from point a to b in a matter of minutes. It can reach speeds of up to 13 km/h, which is a decent speed for scooter suitcases within its category, and it’s certainly a lot faster than walking. 

It’s also currently available in three colors, and it’s got a convenient dual high-speed USB output port for simultaneously charging your devices on the go. 

Perfect for carry-on 

The Airwheel SE3S makes a great case (pun intended) for carry-on luggage as it has a capacity of 21 liters, measuring 36cm in width and 55cm in length with a thickness of 23cm. It’s compact enough to fit into overhead bins on most airplanes, and it’s perfectly safe for the cabin. 

It also sports a pull-out expandable telescopic handle and three attached wheels: one 5.5-inch motor wheel and two 5-inch rubber rear wheels that are extremely wear- and puncture-resistant. Its body can withstand a maximum load of 110kgs or 243lbs. 

Easy security checks

We’re happy to report that the Airwheel SE3S’ rechargeable scooter battery is already TSA-approved, which means its technology has been successfully certified and vouched for by the US Transportation Security Administration.

It also features a TSA custom combination lock, which provides the highest security for your luggage. With TSA custom locks, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected from unauthorized access, significantly reducing the chances of theft or tampering.

Shop the Airwheel SE3 S Smart Riding Suitcase for P34,999 at Craft Lounge in SM City Davao. 

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