We Found the Best Compact Charcoal Grill to Up Your Cookout Game


Nothing says and smells like summer like food sizzling on a hot, outdoor grill. Think juicy burgers, seared steaks, and beautifully charred veggies that hold such promise of smoky flavor and aroma. It’s not surprising then that grilling enthusiasts start snapping their tongs as soon as the temps shift from the cold drab to balmy weather. 

While there are many types of grillers you can nab in the market today, a charcoal grill can easily get you started. For one, it allows for great control over the cooking process, giving you the freedom to make drool-worthy eats the way you want them to every single time. Plus, we found one that’s convenient to use and store and affordable than most. 

Portable, durable cooker

Meet the 18-inch Ace Round Kettle Charcoal Grill. Featuring a classic dome design, it’s our top pick for charcoal grills thanks to its ease of use and convenient mobility. Its two-wheel legs make it effortless to roll around or move from your backyard to your viewing deck or, basically, to any outdoor space where you can cook over an open flame. 

The cart-style charcoal grill also shines with its sturdy design, with a hinged fire bowl made of durable enamel and stainless-steel legs. Cleanup will be a breeze with this one since it sports a nifty ash pan or catcher—just wipe down the surface as you would any other cooking appliance. 

The fire bowl lid also comes with an air vent for better airflow aka optimal temperature control. Now, in terms of grilling area, you’ll be happy to know that the Ace Round Kettle Charcoal Grill has a circumference of 225 square inches, letting you whip up a variety of grilled staples simultaneously.

Fiery benefits

Now, you might be asking yourself: “Why should I get a charcoal grill when I can use an indoor kitchen stove?” 

BBQ experts say that once you go charcoal, you won’t turn back because of the unbeatable flavor. The rich, woody, smoky taste and tender texture (plus cool grill marks) you get from charcoal grills just can’t be achieved with a gas or electric cooker. 

Additionally, charcoal grills burn much hotter compared to their counterparts. It’s that high infrared heat that’ll give you that crispy, brown outer layer and tender insides (charcoal retains more than 50% of the moisture in your food, making it juicier). Want extra fire power? Just adjust the charcoal grill vent and add more coals—easy! 

Perhaps the most convincing reason to get one is this outdoor cooker’s affordability. Its fuel source is readily available and pocket-friendly, and its simple but effective design sans built-in ignitions, valves, thermostats, burners, and other pricey components make it much less expensive. 

So, go ahead, and sear, bake, smoke, and roast with the Ace Round Kettle Charcoal Grill for only P2,499. Shop at Ace Hardware in SM Cherry Antipolo until May 31. 

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