A Newbie Gamer's Guide To Playing Like A Pro


Gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore; it’s now also popular as a career and sport that more and more people are appreciating these days. If you’re one of those who recently picked up an interest in it, these three underrated tips for gaming newbies are sure to come in handy in making your gaming experience more enjoyable—whether you’re playing just for fun or with the aim of competing against other skilled gamers.

Paired with gadgets and equipment that you can score at discounted prices until July 15, 2022 at Gameline, this guide will have you leveling up your game and playing like a pro in no time. Check them out below.

Pick a video-game genre that’ll hold your interest 

There are many types of video games, and playing the genre that suits your taste can make or break your gaming experience. Ask yourself first: which activities, missions, or gameplays do you enjoy the most? If you like the classic action and exploration combo, you should try first or third-person shooter games. Real-time strategy games are also perfect for people with competitive streaks. 

But if you’re into immersive and world-building games with stories and lores that you can dive into, you should try role-playing games like the PS4 Persona 5 The Royal - R3, which you can get for only P1,495 (from the original price of P1,995) at Gameline via the SM Malls Online app. 

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Don’t skimp on the gaming accessories

Console versus PC versus gaming phones: There’s always a lot of discussion about the best gadgets to play games with, but pro gamers know that the accessories you use matter just as much as your main device. These gaming peripherals can help you enjoy better sound quality or keep you comfortable while offering faster and more responsive keystrokes. 

Start your investment with efficient and durable gaming accessories like the Logitech Wireless G733 Lightspeed RGB Gaming Headset, which you can get for only P6,749 (from an original price of P6,999), and the HyperX FPS Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which you can get for only P4,249 (from an original price of P4,499) at Gameline via the SM Malls Online app.

Keep your gadgets in good condition

Gaming gadgets can be quite expensive, so making them last longer by taking good care of them is important for all gamers. Store your gadgets properly, keep your wires and cables arranged neatly, and use devices like a cooling stand to make sure that your consoles don’t overheat. Trust us, this will save you from the heartbreak of a damaged gadget in the long run.

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Include comfort in your priorities