The Ultimate 2022 Summer Vacation Packing Checklist


As local governments finally ease up travel restrictions, more and more people are looking to go on a getaway this summer! Since we’ve been on lockdown for a while, you too might want to go on a much-needed adventure to welcome the warm season. Before you go on that trip, don’t forget to take this 2022 summer vacation packing checklist with you!

Whether you’re going to swim at the beach or you’re hiking this summer, the last thing you’d want is to be stressed out by packing mishaps. That’s why our 2022 summer vacation packing checklist is complete with everything you need to travel safely and in style.

From medications, and cameras for capturing memorable trip moments, to COVID travel essentials — these are the items to pack for your next summer trip.


It is quite obvious that anyone who goes out during summer needs sunscreen. Sunscreens protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays that can cause painful sunburns, skin aging, swollen blisters, and even skin cancer. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you swim or do fun-filled summer activities like kayaking and snorkeling. 

Protect your skin and pack a broad-spectrum sunscreen like the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel 90g. This SPF 50+ face and body sunscreen has a rating of PA++++ and is waterproof, ensuring your skin is well-protected from UVA and UVB rays. Score it at 20% off at Watsons! 


Traveling is not as simple as just choosing a destination and booking a hotel. Those who can travel without any hitches all have one secret; they all have an itinerary. Make sure you have your itinerary printed. It is your guide to getting from one destination to another without any hassle. That way, you can maximize your summer vacation time. 

Clothes and Swimsuits

Leave no stone unturned when packing clothes for your summer vacation. Pack enough tops, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, swimsuits, pajamas, underwear, and socks. If you want to have one carry-on bag only, pack light by choosing clothes with light fabrics.  


If you’re going to the beach, you can bring flip-flops. But if you’re going hiking, make sure you pack the proper shoes to keep your feet comfortable and protected.


If you have a health condition, it’s important to pack your maintenance medications. There may not be open pharmacies where you will go. Make sure to pack emergency medications like pain relievers or motion sickness pills as well. This way, you can easily combat summer vacay-related pains and sicknesses such as body aches, severe sunburn, and motion sickness. 


Make sure every joyous summer memory with your loved ones is captured by bringing a camera. Head to Silicon Valley because their Canon camera is at P1,700 OFF. This stylish mirrorless camera is equipped with a high-resolution electronic viewfinder to ensure all your photos are IG-worthy. 


While it’s true that most establishments now accept online payments, it would still be best to carry some cash in case of emergencies during your summer vacation.  


Grab a large toiletries bag and pack your essentials — shampoo, face cleanser, toothpaste, moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, and mosquito repellant. If you use a specific brand of shampoo, deodorant, or other toiletries, it can be difficult to find them while on vacation. 


Pack a flashlight. It can be handy during emergencies. If the weather changes and there is a power outage for hours in the resort or hotel you booked, you’d be glad to have a light source.

Power Bank 

Summer vacation is all about making the best memories with your friends and other loved ones. Using your phone or camera, you would want to capture every moment. Don’t end up having your gadgets die in the middle of IG-worthy shots. Pack a trusty power bank like the Bavin 9000MAH power bank. Score this power bank at P672 OFF! It comes with 2 USB ports and an LED flashlight as well.   

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