Score This #Aesthetic Floor Chair For Only P999 To Complete Your Bedroom Nook


Comfort has taken a whole new meaning these days, especially when the pandemic hit and we were left with no choice but to spend most of our waking hours at home. For some, this was a welcome respite. To those who were used to being out and about, it was a definite downer. 

The last two years, however, saw an emergence of people and technologies adapting to the times. If we’re to stay at home, we might as well make the most out of it by surrounding ourselves with things that bring joy and comfort. We are creatures of comfort after all. 

Enter Japanese-inspired floor chairs or tatami (Japanese verb of “to fold”) chairs. These legless chairs are actually a modern iteration of the tatami mat flooring that’s unique to Japan, which is a key element in traditional Japanese-style rooms. A traditional tatami is made from sewn-together rice straw or bamboo that can be easily folded and stored when not in use. Today, the word tatami is used to refer to chairs, not only mats. 

The contemporary tatami

The tatami floor chair from SM Surplus is just what you need if you’re looking for comfort and space efficiency. Lovingly crafted with soft, breathable cotton fabric and high-quality cushion, SM Surplus’ tatami floor chairs give you the freedom to sit comfortably anywhere in your house. 

They also have an adjustable back or lumbar support with six settings, which means you can use them as a fresh alternative to your ergonomic office chair. Just prop up your tatami on your floor and adjust the back support to your liking when you find your usual workstation not working for you anymore or when you feel the desire for some grounding (reconnecting to the earth). Yup, working or lying on the floor can be good for you, too!

Additionally, since these tatami floor chairs are foldable, they’re great for small, enclosed spaces. They can be easily packed up and shelved in your closet or storage area. They can also be paired with short-legged, kotatsu tables—especially if you’re in the mood to lounge or eat around a little coffee table instead. 

Your own nook

If you’re a big fan of minimalism or Japanese aesthetics, you can set up a cozy nook with your tatami as the centerpiece. Just add some elements you want to bring in to your area—maybe a small stack of books from your TBR pile, some scented candles, a small plant, or a portable record player and some vinyl records—and you’re all set. Don’t forget your piping cup of joe or tea (or ramen!) for some serious soothing vibes. 

No sweat

Upkeep is fuss-free. The tatami floor chair from SM Surplus also comes with a removable seat cover that you can wash. 

And if you want to change things up or update your tatami area, you’ll be glad to know that SM Surplus carries a variety of tatami colors. Choose from nine hues—black, gray, brown, teal blue, denim blue, purple, lilac, light green, or maroon. 

You can get your very own tatami chair for only P999 at SM City Marikina, SM CDO Downtown Premier, and select Surplus Shops nationwide until June 30—and enjoy cozying up in the comforts of your home, sweet home. 

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