Photography Tips 101: Beach Photo Ideas To Try This Summer

Before you hit the beach this summer season, it’s best to be armed with the best beach photo ideas. Posing for beach photos is hard. You might not even have the slightest idea where to put your hands and how to position your body. But what’s a getaway if it’s not well documented on the 'gram, right? To make sure your photos are IG-worthy, we’ve curated the best beach photo ideas to try this summer!

Do The One-Shoulder Pose

A one-shoulder pose always works when you’re at the beach. It’s the perfect way to capture the bright shine of the summer sun and your sun-kissed skin. For the best photo, make sure to pull back your shoulders and look straight at the camera. You may even ask the photographer for a close-up shot. 

Pose On Top Of A Boat 

Posing on top of boats and transparent kayaks is the new trend nowadays. To do this, you have to sit on top of the kayak, while the photographer is positioned higher than you to capture the stunning clear blue waters underneath. You can lay down with both your hands dangling on each side of the kayak to capture your entire beach outfit. 

Strike A Pose With Your Floatie 

Score this super cute Intex Be Mine floaters at 20% off! Drag it to the beach and lounge under the sun. While you’re at it, capture a photo. Ask your friend to take the shot. Your arm can be thrown back while you lay down with your shades on.  

Take Candid Shots With Tropical Greenery In The Background 

Make the most of the moment by taking candid shots with tropical greeneries as your backdrop. The walking away pose is the easiest pose for this. Stand up straight, push back your hips, and pretend to take a step. Hold your arms at an angle. This photo idea will make your legs look longer.

To make sure every detail is captured, use the Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera. This high-quality entry-level camera is at 5% off at Photoline. 

Kneel On The Sandy White Shore 

Kneel on the sandy white shore and close your eyes to feel the sun’s warm rays hit your skin. You can hold your arms in the air while kneeling to make your waist slimmer and your back longer. 

Take Underwater Shots

Of course, you have to let everyone know how beautiful marine life is. Take underwater shots safely by using this GoPro Protective Housing. Try snorkeling and have a photographer snap pictures while you are deep underwater. Unleash your inner mermaid with this photo concept.

Use Natural Lighting To Your Advantage 

Capture the most flattering photos under a natural light. Schedule a beach photo session during sunset! Take advantage of the golden hour to get a variety of shots. Apply some cheek tint for a more sunkissed look. 

We’ve rounded up some beach photo ideas to try this summer. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer, just starting out, or want to take better vacay shots, you’ll easily nail these poses. If you need anything for your summer getaway, check out the SM Deals site! We’re offering the best summer deals in the Philippines — from gadgets, fashion pieces, beauty items, to food, and more!