People Are Buzzing About This Insulated Water Bottle Brand And Here’s Why


We can’t emphasize this enough—proper hydration is a must. Water is healing, soothing, refreshing, and energizing—we’re just stating facts here. But we do get people who can’t seem to get their hydration routine down pat. There are some people who find it tedious and almost banal to drink the standard eight glasses of water a day (we see you). Others would rather have sweet or caffeinated drinks to keep them going. Of course, you can still get your fill from juices, sodas, or cups of coffee but there’s nothing better than the tried-and-true H20. 

ICYDK: You can definitely make hydration more fun by getting yourself a stainless steel insulated water bottle. And, no, not those plain-looking ones that appear dated, but hydration buddies that come in an array of colors that can show off your personality. 

Another fringe benefit of owning one? You’re helping save the planet. A reusable stainless steel insulated water bottle will last you for many years. So it’s time to ditch single-use plastic bottles for this environment-friendly alternative that doesn’t leach harmful chemicals and can be recycled into new products. 

If you’re on the lookout for a good reusable bottle, we’re highly recommending AquaFlask. Not familiar? Here’s the lowdown on this insulated tumbler that’s quickly gaining popularity.