Here’s the comfy footwear you should be wearing in the age of post-pandemic dressing

These days, it’s a luxury to have footwear that’s both stylish and comfortable. Gone are the days when finding comfort means essentially getting a pair that’s possibly outdated—or, worse, hideous. But since we’re creatures of comfort, we’ve managed to get by. 

Fashion meets function

Enter the era of flat, strappy sandals. Easy to slip on, mostly lightweight, offers support, and versatile, this type of practical footwear is a fashionable respite from high heels. Wearing one provides better stability, making you less likely to fall, stumble, or twist your ankle. 

Of course, a pair of flat sandals still offers a bit more structure than your everyday flip-flops. This is exactly why it makes for an ideal footwear when your sky-high shoe won’t cut it, especially when you need to dash quickly out the door or when you’re on your feet for most of the day. 

Perfect post-pandemic

Now less than P200 from its original retail price of P1,499, CLN’s pair of Royalty Sandals is the one to cop this season—walkable and looks really good for post-pandemic dressing. It features a hook-and-loop strap, a cushiony footbed, and an open-toe design, which allows your feet to breathe on sweltering days (basically every day until the hot temperatures let up). 

Universal utility

Another thing we love about it? The monochrome color palette. Choose from nude or black—you’ll never go wrong with either. Rotate it between a dress, a pair of jeans, or shorts—dress it up or keep it comfortably casual. Pair it with a tank top, an oversized blazer, and trousers for a shabby-chic number. Match it with an oversized statement shirt and a pair of joggers for a low-key look. 

Get the CLN Royalty Sandals for only P1,299 until May 31. View deal here.