Good Luck Will Happen To You This Year—If You Follow These Classic Tips For Chinese New Year


Gōng xǐ fā cái! Chinese New Year is almost here, which means it’s time to step up your preparations for a prosperous and fortune-filled year ahead. Officially starting on January 22, you can expect the incoming year of the Water Rabbit to channel its representative animal’s calm, patient, and gentle energy while bringing hope and good luck. 

To help this promising positive energy and fortune find its way to you this Chinese New Year, try following these auspicious practices and traditions based on Feng Shui. 

Fill your wardrobe with lucky colors

Incorporating lucky colors into your daily life is one of the easiest ways to attract good fortune for the new year. But did you know that there’s more than one lucky color in Feng Shui—and what they attract or signify varies, too? For example, the color blue represents peace and tranquility while green is said to attract good luck for growth and new beginnings.

However, the most popular lucky color for Chinese New Year will always be red. It is traditionally associated with prosperity and good fortune, which is also why most Chinese lanterns and even the hóngbāo or red envelope use this lucky color. If you’re planning to incorporate this lucky hue in a casual OOTD for Chinese New Year, this Giordano Men’s Logo Tee is available in the color red and you can get it now at SM City Sucat. 

Decorate your space with fortune charms

Feng Shui is popular for its many fortune charms and figurines. To attract good luck and wealth this 2023, it is recommended to have items in your home that resemble this year’s representative animal: the rabbit. 

To prepare for the incoming year, you can get a Lucky Golden Rabbit figurine at The SM Store in SM City Batangas for only P1,699 until January 31. The figurine features a golden rabbit on a bed of gold coins with a crystal ball, which is said to help protect your current wealth and fortune from unforeseen circumstances and people who want a piece of it.

Bring lucky plants to your home

Being a plantita and plantito pays off, according to Feng Shui. Having indoor plants strengthens your home’s element of wood, which is traditionally associated with good health, wealth, and prosperity. Succulents, in particular, bring good luck and positive energy to your space. They also don’t require a lot of upkeep to grow healthy and vibrant, so you don’t have to worry about them withering when you’re busy with work or school. 

To maximize their lucky energy, indoor plants are often placed in the east, southeast, and south areas of your home. You can keep your succulents potted if you have enough room, but there are also pretty terrariums that can serve as your lucky plants’ home in smaller spaces. Check out the different styles of Our Home Succulent Terrarium now, which are available at 20% off at Our Home in SM City Lucena until January 31.

Clean your house *before* new year’s day

FYI: Sweeping and dusting your home on the day of Chinese New Year itself is considered bad luck because it is like shooing good fortune away. However, a clean and organized home is essential for attracting prosperity during the Chinese New Year. That’s why you should thoroughly clean your home *before* the eve of Chinese New Year arrives.

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Purify your home’s energy

After cleaning your home, make sure that you also purify its energy to welcome a positive atmosphere for the rest of the year. It also helps get rid of negative energies lurking in your space, which can make you feel uncomfortable. Burning incense, sprinkling salt all over the area, and ringing a Tibetan bell are some of the common Feng Shui practices for purifying home energy. A reliable air purifier can also help you cleanse your home’s energy by bringing cleaner and fresher air. 

The Firefly Air Purifier has a carbon and HEPA filter to eliminate particles like dust and allergens while reducing toxic fumes and removing foul smells from the air. Enjoy a 40% discount on this Firefly Air Purifier at Handyman in SM Cherry Shaw until January 31. You can also score up to 70% discount and buy one, get one offers on selected homeware and DIY needs for the whole month of January.

Add precious metals to your OOTDs

Metal jewelry like gold and silver aren’t just fashion accessories; they’re also a channel for attracting prosperity. This is because gold traditionally symbolizes wealth, while silver is believed to draw out negativity and boost positive energy instead. Metal itself is also a main Feng Shui element, and wearing jewelry made of real precious metals like gold and silver can naturally help you enjoy its energy.

For an auspicious yet stylish touch to your daily outfits, you can get the Unisilver 925 Lady's Necklace w/ Infinity Pendant now at Unisilver in SM Center Las Piñas. Aside from being made of silver, this jewelry’s infinity pendant with a cubic zirconia stones accent is also an auspicious symbol that means eternity and constant renewal in Chinese culture.

Serve lots of sweets on Chinese New Year

Sweet food must always be present in your Chinese New Year menu. These treats *literally* help you manifest a sweet life for the rest of the year, and they can also help you attract happiness and luck. Many sweet snacks and desserts are traditionally served on Chinese New Year’s day, such as tang yuan (sweet glutinous rice balls), yau gok (sweet fried dumplings), and candy boxes.

You can also prepare cakes and other pastries like brownies. Bursting with sweetness, Brownies Unlimited’s Rainbow Feast combines the brand’s premium brownies with colorful icing and rainbow sprinkles to make your celebration more festive. Save P291 on Brownies Unlimited’s Rainbow Feast, which you can get for only P549 at SM City Cabanatuan until January 30.

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