6 Everyday Essentials For P199 or Less To Buy For Yourself (or Anyone Else)


If you feel it’s easier to spend money on other people than yourself, trust us, you’re not alone (and you’re doing okay, sweetie). Sometimes, giving a gift to yourself can feel difficult, especially when you think you’re not deserving. You’re probably thinking and asking yourself: “Why get something for myself when there’s no special occasion?” Here’s the thing, though. Buying yourself a little gift just because isn’t selfish—at all. In fact, it’s a small act of self-care, especially if it's something you know you'll use a lot. Who else to better celebrate you than you? 

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, which is well underway where we are, we’re encouraging you to live a little, indulge a little and put your name on top of your present list. We pulled together some universal crowd-pleasers that you’ll find very nifty and use time and time again—no matter the season. 

Another piece of great news: We’re making things extra special for you this Supermonth. Until October 31, you can treat yourself to one good pick from our shopping list below (all available via the SM Malls Online app) for less when you redeem and use an e-voucher for your purchase (in-store pickup only). 

Once your order’s confirmed, you’ll receive an e-mail or SMS notification of a unique code to be presented at your chosen store branch (within seven [7] days upon purchase) and pay only P199 or less to claim your item aka the present for yourself (or others!). 

Ahead are six options you can treat yourself to and make you feel good once you hit the checkout button. 

A cutlery set

If you’re in search for a pocket-friendly cutlery kit that you can easily stash in your office drawer or common pantry, shop the Miniso Detachable Plastic Cutlery Kit (5-Piece Kit) in Pink. Originally P119, this one’s available via the SM Malls Online app at 16% off or only P100 if you buy it with the e-Voucher. It’s a steal of a deal for an everyday and reusable flatware set. Just wash, rinse, and dry and you can bring it next time you’re heading out to a food truck, a picnic with pals, or even travel via airplane. Compact and convenient!

A charging cable

The USB Type-C port is fast becoming a non-negotiable connector in most smartphones and tablets (Apple devices included) so it’s best to get yourself a spare. After all, you need one to charge your devices or transfer data. 

Get yourself the Miniso Durable 1.8m 3-in-1 Type C Charging Cable 2A via the SM Malls Online app at 20% off (now only P199 from P249). It’s got three Type-C cables for simultaneous use alongside your standard USB 2A charging output. 

An in-ear headset

Yes, you’ve already got wireless earbuds, but it’s nice to have a wired backup (an analog counterpart) for when you’ve forgotten to charge your default wireless ones (oh no, not again!) or when you want better sound quality. Generally speaking, a wired pair provides great sound quality because they can handle more data than digital signals via Bluetooth, which means you get full resolution audio rather than a compressed one. Surprising fact, right? That’s audio science for you! 

Shop for the Miniso Colorful Music Earphone Model No HF236 Black for only P100 (from P119) via the SM Malls Online app. The HF236 features high-quality and comfy silicone earbuds, an HD microphone, and a standard 3.5mm jack. 

A non-synthetic sanitizer

For hygienic, happy hands, we’re recommending Messy Bessy’s line of surface and space cleaner called The Big Little Warrior. This is a larger and economical version of the brand’s Little Warrior hand sanitizers at 505ml per bottle that thoroughly cleans without harming the skin and reduces stress and fatigue with its soothing scents. Of course, apart from your hands, this cleaning agent also fights off microbes and pathogens from any room, object, or surface. 

This is actually a perfect present for yourself because keeping your hands clean (in pandemic times) and smelling good is never a bad idea. You can also stock up on this big bottle to refill your Little Warrior hand sanitizer if you’ve already got one. 

You can choose from three familiar, refreshing scents: Bergamot (a sunny and pleasantly citrus aroma reminiscent of lime), Chamomile (an herbal, sweet, and calming fragrance), and Green Tea (fresh, natural, and clean). Shop your scent of choice via the SM Malls Online app at 50% off—now only P199 (before P349) apiece. 

Note to self: It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while—even with just a single good thing—for absolutely no reason at all. No judgment, no guilt. Plus, a gift you pick for yourself can never be disappointing. Here’s to small yet impactful acts of self-love!

For more nice things and goodies (at discounted prices) to gift yourself with on a random day, make sure you have the SM Malls Online app on your mobile devices and use this Supermonth e-vouchers upon checkout. You can also visit SM Deals on the daily for fresh and familiar finds that won’t break bank.