Gift-Shopping Guide: How to Pick the Best Presents for Your Loved Ones


Giving gifts is one of the best ways to express our gratitude and appreciation to others. As a love language, this meaningful gesture allows us to demonstrate how big of a role the recipient plays in our lives. Aside from that, gifts are a way to congratulate someone, make them feel extra special, and even apologize.

No matter what reason we have in mind, giving gifts is a way to deepen and strengthen our relationships with people who we hold dear to our hearts.

With all the available items in the market, it cannot be denied that gift-giving may be quite an overwhelming task for many of us. Because we want our presents to be perfect, choosing the right one to give can be challenging. Don’t worry, we can relate with you, and we’re here to help.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when on the lookout for your next gift.

Consider something that they need

When we give presents to our friends and family, there’s no doubt that we want to see them using the gifts we gave them.

Even when the recipient says that they don’t really need something, they actually do; you just have to think deeper about it. Gifts that meet a need can be in the form of a reusable cup for your loved one who is always on the go, a scented candle to help them relax after a busy day, or a selfie stick to help your friends get that shot for the ‘gram.

The possibilities are definitely endless, so identify a need that you want to help your loved ones with!

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Make it sentimental and symbolic

No gift is made more thoughtful than integrating some meaning into it. More often than not, giftees appreciate it when we don’t just give them their presents for the sake of giving. It’s a lot sweeter when we connect it to a memory that we share with them or when it symbolizes your friendship.

Surprise them with a matching Gold Plated 27mm Thin Circle Locket w/ 17" Med Link Chain from EMO Jewelry which you can have engraved and personalized. Not only are these jewelry pieces good additions to both of your fashion ensembles, but they also signify the close bond that you have together. Every time you wear or see it, you get to be reminded of each other and your good times with them.

Take note of their interests

A no-fail gift is one that you already know will make your loved ones happy. If it aligns with their current interests and passions, they’ll surely appreciate it.

Take some time off to list down what your giftees love doing during their pastime, what they’ve been investing in, or what keeps them excited every day. From there, think of gifts that are connected to those activities.

Don’t fret, you don’t have to get them everything that you’ve jotted down, but it’s a good practice to keep in mind the items on the list to have more options when it’s already time to buy.

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Introduce a new hobby

Apart from supporting their current interests, how about paving the way for them to discover a new hobby? This enables your loved ones to release their energies differently by embarking on unfamiliar adventures in the form of learning a fresh hobby.

Pick some gifts that can help them develop new skills and get out of their comfort zone. Give them opportunities to get creative and find joy in different pastimes as well.

Our number-one gift recommendation is the CTR Cactus Embroidery Kit from The Craft Central. This complete package comes with a printed pattern, embroidery needle and floss, a 20cm embroidery hoop, and a detailed stitching guide.

All that your loved ones will need to start their embroidery sessions are indeed right at their fingertips with this kit.

Prioritize quality over quantity

When you’re out of ideas and you’re truly unsure about what to get your family and friends, you’re always safe with a top-quality gift. Giving such a present demonstrates that you want nothing but the best quality items for your loved ones. Plus, you even get to hand them a present that you know will serve them for a long time.

When talking about high-quality gifts, our top pick is the Chapter Travel Kit | Carry-On from Herschel. Thanks to its mesh fabric interior, your loved ones are able to maximize its space and fit their travel essentials in a convenient carry-on. Flying from one place to another is definitely more stylish with this must-have.

Match their aesthetic

Let’s be honest, aesthetics is everything for most of us. We don’t just parade our style on our Instagram feeds, but we also express ourselves through the designs that we surround ourselves with.

Finding our own aesthetic and sticking with it is essential in building our personality and fashion sense. That’s why your friends and family will definitely appreciate your gift when it matches their aesthetic.

For your minimalist friends who are in love with a black and white interior, get them the Brekkie Mug by Leanne Ford from Crate & Barrel. This ceramic mug is hand painted to give their humble abode a warm vibe and atmosphere. Plus, it’s great for a morning cuppa while watching the sunrise or capping off a long day with some hot tea.

With or without a special occasion, go ahead and give your loved ones a gift. It doesn’t have to be their birthday for you to show how much you love and appreciate them. Surprise them with a present that will remind them of you or that they can use regularly.

Be it a gift to brighten their day or relieve their stress, what’s important is that you get to show them that you genuinely care about them.

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