6 Playtime Plush Toys Your Kids (Or You!) Will Want To Cuddle For Years To Come


Plushies make perfect playtime companions and offer little kids (even those that are young at heart) comfort when they’re working through some “big” feelings. On days when we can’t fully express what we feel or on days when we feel beat up, snuggling with a super-soft stuffed buddy can be enough. 

So, having a menagerie of plush toys is a definite plus —they’re not just huggable soft decor after all but thoughtfully made companions that can also withstand endless play and cuddles when the going gets tough. 

And they make wonderful gifts, too. Whether you’re a pal shopping for a baby shower present or a godparent looking for a first Christmas stocking stuffer, you’ll find some of the best stuffed animals and plush toys here at varying price points to suit your budget.

Disney 16-inch Donald Duck

Donald Duck’s all dressed up in his iconic sailor ensemble and ready for (nap time) adventures! He’s probably the wackiest snuggle buddy you can ever ask for, and perfectly sized for nighttime cuddles. He can also accompany your kiddo on Disney marathons. Take him home from Baby Company for only P999. 

Disney Princess Sleeping Plush Toy 10-inch Cinderella

Let Aurora aka Cinderella be your beauty rest buddy. As one of the most beloved fairy tale characters of all time, this 10-inch plushie can bring some magic into your child’s world. This sleeping Cinderella from Baby Company’s just P299 (what a steal!), which will make you sing Cinderella’s iconic tune: “A dream is a wish your heart makes!” 

Sitting Bear Plush Toy 

The teddy bear has a long, rich history that dates back to 1902. 

Developed simultaneously by toymakers Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff under his aunt Margaret Steiff’s company in Germany, the classic stuffed animal’s named after former US President Theodore Roosevelt, who was fondly called “Teddy.” While “teddies” have greatly varied in form, style, and color, they’ve become household and bedroom staples, appealing to both kids and adults alike. 

Get the adorable Sitting Bear Plush Toy from Miniso for only P349 and let this huggably soft bear be the centerpiece of your kid’s growing collection. 

10.2-inch Pen Pen on Unicorn Plush Toy 

Looking for something a little bit different and magical? This 10.2-inch unicorn plushie comes highly recommended. Just look at the tiny penguin (Pen Pen) riding atop this mythical creature, perfect for those who have a strong sense of whimsy. Shop this one at Miniso for P499 If you’re on a hunt for something that evokes a feeling of magic and wonder. 

Stringbean, Jr. Medium Moccasin Bear Stuffed Toy

Again, you’ll never go wrong with a classic teddy. Owning one seems like a rite of passage for most kids. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable stocking stuffer—a simple gesture that says “I’m thinking of you,” then Blue Magic’s Stringbean Jr. (we love that he has a name!) fits the bill. He comes adorned with a gorgeous satin bow. In addition to being cute, it’s affordable for any budget at only P699.  

Milo Large Husky Dog Stuffed Toy

Your child’s first furry friend! If your little one’s asking for a doggy best friend but not quite ready yet to take care of a real pooch, we suggest getting Blue Magic’s Milo instead, a friendly and cuddly Siberian Husky adorned with a blue bow. At P1,099, Milo can be a companion for your dog-loving kid (or for someone who desperately wants a puppy) and is almost as good as the real thing sans the upkeep. 

Super-soft and cute to boot, these stuffed friends all meant to warm and soften your hearts are available via the SM Malls Online app. We bet your kiddo will be inseparable from these ‘warmies’ for years to come. 

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