No Heels, No Problem: Here Are 6 Crocs Clogs To Slip On Based On Your #Mood


Chances are you’ve already seen a flurry of clogs on your social media feeds this year. We’re calling it—these go-to shoes are back with a vengeance, with top fashion glossies and style experts acknowledging their triumphant return. These chunky slip-ons first entered the scene back in the ‘70s, but have slowly clomped their way out of hiding—straight into our closets during the onset of the pandemic. 

There’s actually a straightforward explanation to this current shoe madness. With a lot less reason to wear formal and corporate shoes (heels, we see you) during Corona times, the versatility, comfort, and slip-on, slip-off appeal of clogs, especially to those who were just staying at home and occasionally heading out for errands, has grown tremendously. 

As of late, we’re crushing hard on the Classic Crush Clogs from Crocs. These new drops from the well-known footwear brand are a fresh and modern take on the funky and chunky style with utilitarian roots. And they can be personalized with Jibbitz™—with each pair sporting charm holes on the upper and pivoting back strap. 

They’re still made of the iconic Crocs Comfort™ material—lightweight, flexible, and providing 360-degree comfort. So that’s the same and familiar Crocs comfort we love—plus an extra dose of height (2.4 inches to be exact), a whole lot of attitude, and that cool ’90s vibe. 

If you’re on the lookout for a pair or two, the Crocs Classic Crush Clog retails for P4,495 via the SM Malls Online app. As a shopping treat, be sure to key in the voucher LESS100 at checkout to score an extra P100 off on your delivery orders of a single-receipt purchase worth P700. 

Ahead, we’re giving you a quick rundown of one of fashion’s clunkiest creations based on your #mood and #aestheticvibe. Choose from six (6) classic and fun colorways—all equally and unfailingly cool, all heavy hitters in this year’s style department. 

Minimal, neutral

A little can go a long way. And that’s the case with the Classic Crush Clog in White and the Classic Crush Clog in Bone. These classic hues scream “less is more.” If you’re in the mood for a streamlined and clean number, we highly suggest you spring for these no-nonsense colorways that embody an easy-going, off-duty, and laidback sensibility. 

Cool goth meets normcore

Black is all about power and authority. Or, sometimes, we just want something other than white or beige, right? This chic and fashion-forward color is a staple, a non-negotiable—especially if you’re into looking like a modern goth or a normcore. The Classic Crush Clog in Black is perfect on days when you just want to wear an all-black ensemble or practical, basic pieces reminiscent of '90s fashion. 

Cheery and confident

Let’s admit it: It takes a lot of courage to don yellow fashion. Just look at this bright pair of the Classic Crush Clog in Sulphur—hints of yellow mixed with green tones that’ll let you stand out from the crowd. Feeling like spreading some sunshine into the world? Slip on this pair to ook confident while clomping down the city streets. 

Bold statement

The Classic Crush Clog in Digital Violet’s reminiscent of last year’s Pantone Color of the Year—that eye-catching, novel shade of blue infused with violet or purple. Periwinkle? Another shade of lilac? No matter how you call or see it, this one is ideal for days when you want to make a statement. Whether that bold statement is of whimsy or creativity is up to you. 

Positively fun

Pink is positive, fun, energetic, and never out of style. This Barbie-core-inspired color has been ruling the fashion landscape since forever. Wear the Classic Crush Clog in Fuchsia Fun when you’re feeling pretty frivolous—like you just want to have some carefree fun. This striking shade may be embedded in our psyche as shorthand for all things femme but, in today’s context, fuchsia is also daring and aggressive—just like you are, babe. 

Already picked out an #aesthetic message you want to express? We know you want in on these chunks. Pro-tip: The first rule of clogs is that there are actually no rules. You can definitely put your own spin on these wear-everywhere babies and sport them whenever you like and however you find fit. 

Shop the Crocs Classic Crush Clogs for P4,495 apiece via the SM Malls Online app. Use code LESS100 at checkout to save P100 on your delivery orders worth P700. Don’t forget to check out SM Deals, too, for the latest style deals you won’t want to miss out on!