Be Loud and Proud: A Flawless Guide to Flaunt Your Stunning Morena Beauty


Calling all morena girlies, this one’s for you!

Being morena is certainly a feature to be proud of. Having natural brown skin displays nothing but your own Filipino roots, and that’s such a beautiful thing to carry. There may be times when the desire to have a fair skin color becomes apparent; however, always remember what it represents and embrace it because it’s a priceless trait to have.

That said, go the extra mile to take care of your morena skin by paying much heed to its needs. Show off your glow to the world with the help of this guide to further enhance your natural skin. Don’t forget to always stay confident while taking care of your skin!

Enhance your glow with the right lipstick formula

Aside from choosing the right shade of lipstick to complete your look, picking the best formula of your lipstick also does wonders.

For instance, a matte lipstick gives off a non-glossy velvety finish while sheer lipstick sets you up for a no-makeup makeup look with a hint of tint. Think your lips but better.

For a shiny, glass lip appearance, gloss lipstick is your best bet and we certainly vouch for the Blk Cosmetics Gloss Gel Tint in Golden Hour. With a peachy hint that highlights a sun-kissed look, this lip tint spells glossy like no other.

It even matches a morena’s warm undertone and goes along even better with OOTDs filled with warm hues. To top it off, this lip tint is non-sticky and lightweight to provide the utmost comfort to your lips.

Find the perfect shade of foundation

Selecting a foundation shade that suits your skin may not always be a piece of cake. When the shade doesn’t match your skin color, the tendency is that your skin tone won’t be balanced, and you’d have to color correct that by applying tinted moisturizers or concealers.

The first rule on picking the shade that’s just right for you is to make sure that the color of your face is the same as that of your neck after putting on the foundation. Swatch a small part of your face first to get a better glimpse of how the shade will look like.

For our morena besties, our go-to is the Vice Cosmetics Endlezz G Dream Focus Weightless Foundation in the shade of Tan. This light formula makes off an excellent base for your makeup while complementing our undertones. While having a matte finish, this foundation also provides full coverage that lasts for 12 to 16 hours.

Have your much-needed beauty rest

The key to looking fresh no matter your age is hydration. Make it a habit to apply a sleeping mask before hitting the sack in order for the hydrating ingredients to penetrate your skin deeply.

As basic as it sounds, one of the most vital habits to incorporate when aiming to enhance your skin is resting. When you sleep, your skin produces a new layer of collagen which results in plumpness and elasticity.

Preventing wrinkles and sagging, getting enough sleep combats premature aging and repairs any skin cell damage. On top of that, you get a glowing complexion, ready to face the day up ahead. When you snooze, you most definitely don’t lose.

Delving deeper into this, your pores are maintained clean as there is extra protection from any dirt that comes your way. With clean pores and a hydrated face, you’re on your way to preventing dryness and blemishes such as acne, breakouts, and blackheads.

Case in point — gently applying the innisfree Brightening Pore Sleeping Mask before going to bed makes your morena skin more radiant and vibrant. You wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and blemish-free all thanks to its Niacinamide supplying you with melanin and Vitamin C and B5 derivatives bringing much-needed moisture.

Despite its gel-type nature, it doesn’t deliver a sticky feeling, and it’s even soothing which boosts your good night’s sleep even more. No doubt that this vitamin-rich sleeping mask will encourage you to get up in the morning and face the world with a smooth, hydrated, and even complexion.

Let your attractive eyes pop and shine

As the popular quote goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Let your mesmerizing eyes pop by choosing an eye shadow palette that not only complements your skin tone but also breathes life into your eyes.

InStyle Magazine noted that an eye shadow top pick for brown-skinned women contains a shimmering gold shadow. Since it’s multi-purpose, this celebrity-approved hack works well with both the eyes and the cheeks — using such a shadow as a highlighter for the latter.

Already itching to get your hands on a shining and shimmering eye shadow palette? Maybelline is out here offering exactly that through their Maybelline City Mini Palette [Mini Eyeshadow Palette].

This thoughtfully curated set includes shades tapping on bronze, gold, and neutrals — all to define a morena’s eyes. These shades don’t simply add colors to one’s face, but they also produce depth to your rich and beautiful skin tone.

Be intentional about the food and snacks that you munch on

It must be emphasized that healthy skin always starts with what you intake and not simply with what you apply to your skin, especially as nutrients from food can also guard the skin against cellular damage.

Right off the bat, eating fruits and vegetables is a good way to provide antioxidants to your morena skin. For instance, having an orange regularly gives your body a good amount of Vitamin C which produces collagen as well, aiding the plumpness and firmness of your skin.

Aside from that, lean proteins, specifically tofu, is a good source of Vitamin E. Through this, your skin gets hydrated while maintaining its glow.

Build a healthy routine of moisturizing daily

Medical News Today claims that tanner-toned skin often loses moisture quicker than fairer-toned ones, so it’s a must to include moisturizing in your daily skincare routine. Doing so prevents your skin from looking ashy and feeling bumpy.

Pro-tip: don’t overdo your moisturizer as well. Applying too much moisturizer will only leave you with acne and irritated skin because it relies too much on the skincare product to the point that it doesn’t get to churn out moisture by itself.

Generally, showering your face with some tender, love, and care in the form of a moisturizer twice a day is already enough.

If you need recommendations, we highly suggest the Vitamin E Moisture Cream from The Body Shop which provides moisture and protection that lasts for 48 long hours. It’s composed of hyaluronic acid which contributes to a plump skin while smoothening its texture and raspberry seed oil which strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Above all, be loud and proud of your morena skin because that’s what makes you, you. No matter what, you are beautiful — no buts and no ifs. Keep in mind that these tips and hacks don’t exist to change your skin or how you look; rather, it’s there to protect your skin and bring out the beauty that it innately has.

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