Foodie Guide: 5 Go-to Restaurants that Serve Unlimited Rice


Extra rice, please!

To say that Filipinos love rice is an understatement. In fact, it has been ingrained in our culture as seen with how it has become a staple every mealtime. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner — no matter what time of day, a cup of piping white rice is always a good idea.

What’s amazing about rice is that it’s incredibly versatile, especially as it complements and balances out the strong flavors brought about by our favorite homemade dishes. Indeed, pairing our fried, grilled, or soup-based food with rice makes up a filling and satisfying meal.

More often than not, a single cup of rice is not enough, leading us to order additional cups to make our tummies happier. That’s why finding restaurants that offer unlimited rice options is a gem for us rice lovers. Good thing, some restaurants understood the assignment.

Have an unforgettable meal and enjoy as many cups of rice as you’d like at these 5 must-visit restaurants. There really is no such thing as too many cups of rice, so go get ‘em! 

Indulge in the perfect combination of grilled chicken and rice at Mang Inasal

One of the many dishes that Filipinos will always say yes to is grilled chicken barbecue. Actually, anything inihaw or barbecue-marinated meat cooked on a charcoal grill has a special place in every Filipino’s heart. When thinking of such dishes, Mang Inasal never fails to come to mind.

The wide variety of Filipino classics in this restaurant always comes with an appetizing smoky smell and an addicting burst of flavor you’ll definitely crave often. Its food selection includes Chicken Inasal where you can choose between chicken breast or chicken leg, Grilled Liempo, and Pork BBQ.

Trust us, drizzling your rice with chicken oil and dipping your chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi, and chili will make you say, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

This pro-tip will definitely make you want more cups of rice, so make sure to dine in to avail of their unlimited serving! Unli rice at Mang Inasal means unli fun, so head on to the nearest branch today.

Fill your tummy with a delicious katsu set at Yabu

Craving for an authentic tonkatsu meal? Look no further as Yabu is here to save the day and satiate your cravings!

Since 2011, this resto has been serving exceptional tonkatsu bento sets and similar rice-topping dishes in the metro. Their breaded pork is fried until golden brown and is tender enough to melt in your mouth. No wonder this spot is deemed as “the house of katsu” — it certainly is fitting for the quality that they put on their dishes.

Their bento sets come with unlimited sides you can refill like cabbage, Japanese rice, and fruits. First off, who doesn’t love Japanese rice? Its unique, slightly sweeter taste is a great pair for the restaurant’s dishes as it makes way for the well-seasoned flavor from the pork and the sweet sesame flavor from the tonkatsu sauce to shine even further.

With several slices of your chosen pork tonkatsu, one cup of Japanese rice would not be enough, so order away. Have a memorable mealtime at Yabu right after work!

Savor the goodness of Filipino food at Hukad

Did anyone say lechon belly? Cebu has been renowned for delectable lechon belly, but thanks to Hukad located in select SM malls like SM City San Lazaro, we can now relish this Filipino favorite right at our fingertips.

This establishment has been known for its charcoal-roasted pork which produces a crispy skin and moist lechon meat and oozes an explosion of flavor best for both special occasions and even mundane days.

Besides their crowd-favorite lechon belly, they also serve Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Sisig, and Lechon Kawali on top of other Filipino delicacies. Get ready to feed your neighborhood with irresistible and familiar flavors of Filipino food.

Another reason to love Hukad is that they offer an unlimited serving of rice to their customers. Filipino food and rice have always been a match made in heaven, and this resto allows us to enjoy this combo as much as we want.

Take the time to go to Hukad when you’re around the area as it sure is a big hit you wouldn’t want to miss!

Bring your peers to Hainanese Delight for a delightful chicken feast

You won’t need to fly to Singapore to munch on your all-time favorite Hainanese chicken as Hainanese Delight is just right around the corner.

There’s a reason why Hainanese chicken is their specialty, and we’re totally not complaining. Its juicy interior does not disappoint, especially when it's topped with the well-loved special ginger sauce served with it. Aside from the steamed and fried version of this dish, this chain also offers other food such as Laksa, BBQ Pork Chop, and Tender Beef Brisket.

In most Asian tables, rice is also a must which is why unli Hainan rice is also available here. Its flavor is induced from the broth used to cook its Hainanese chicken. For sure, this rice brings out more of the main dishes’ essence making it a hearty dish in and of itself!

What are you waiting for? Taste the bold yet comforting Asian flavors that Hainanese Delights has to offer and take advantage of their unli Hainan rice! You and your food buddies won’t regret it!

Go for a heartwarming hotpot session at Nabe Japanese Izakaya + Hotpot

Regardless of the weather, staying warm through a cozy bowl of hotpot spells ‘comfort food’ like no other.

Visit Nabe Japanese Izakaya + Hotpot and explore the different hotpot combinations they have to offer by choosing from their 16 soup bases and ordering your desired vegetables, meat, and side dishes. They’re all unlimited, by the way, so feel free to try them out and reorder the ones you love the most.

To be honest, you won’t go wrong with any of their selections as their US-grade meat cuts are top-notch, their vegetables are nothing but fresh, and their soup bases are savory but not too overpowering. If you’re unsure where to start, pick the Spicy Miso soup base for an extra kick of heat. If you’re not a big fan of spicy, go for the Shoyu soup base for a reduced soy sauce taste.

Of course, among their unlimited servings is white rice! Pour a bit of your hotpot soup over your rice, and you’ll definitely be surprised with the number of cups you’ll be able to finish by the end of your mealtime at Nabe Japanese Izakaya + Hotpot.

Drooling over a hearty hotpot with a cup of rice? Put this spot at the top of your list when deciding where to eat next!

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