Go Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Materials to Look For in Your Everyday Essentials


Going green is always the right decision.

More than a buzzword, the concept of sustainability holds a lot of power, especially in today’s age. Because of global warming, it is important to start making a difference by patronizing environmentally friendly habits to mitigate its adverse effects.

Pearson Education says, “Sustainability is the key to a better future,” and we agree. As we make pro-environmental lifestyle choices, we ensure that the generations after us have a stable and dependable planet to live on.

That said, it’s our responsibility to take care of our environment today and reduce our carbon footprint. Aside from advocating on social media, it’s also vital to take action and consume products that are beneficial to Mother Earth. It’s time to walk the talk.

Start off by actually looking into what the products you’re about to purchase are made of. Here’s a quick guide on sustainable materials to look for on your next purchase!

Get your hands on everyday items made of bamboo

When talking about green materials, bamboo never fails to be at the top of the list. Aside from producing oxygen and soaking up a ton of carbon dioxide, it’s a tried-and-tested product that helps clean the air we breathe.

As a fast-growing plant, bamboo is also noted to be a renewable resource as proven by its immediate regeneration right after harvest. Because replanting is not necessary for bamboo to shoot up, it reduces the risk of possible soil erosion and deforestation as well.

Keep an eye out for bamboo-made products like toothbrushes, cutleries, and The Bamboo Company Lakbawayan Bambaunan from Kultura. Instead of plastic, this container makes use of a bamboo lid to cover your snacks and meals. It’s also extremely handy thanks to the stretchable band it has to secure your yummy food.

With this, you’re hitting two birds with one stone — preferring bamboo over plastic and practicing one of the Rs in 3R by having a reusable item. These lifestyle choices surely contribute to establishing a plastic-free Earth.

Witness where fashion meets sustainability through linen pieces

Another good sign that your products, specifically clothes, are environmentally friendly is when you see that it’s made of linen. Linen is flax-based and the entirety of flax plants can be woven to manufacture clothes which promotes zero waste.

Digging into the weaving process of linen pieces, organically woven flax plants do not commonly utilize chemicals which contributes to a toxic-free environment. Such treatment also makes linen strong enough to easily be recyclable and reusable.

Itching to add linen pieces to your wardrobe capsule? Look no further, Frankie & Friends General Store brings to you Juanita the Label Flow with It Linen Wide Leg Coords. We mean, who doesn’t love coords? You get to mix and match it with your other clothes giving you more outfit options. Talk about ROI, right? 

This set is also versatile – you can wear it on casual errands days, afternoon strolls in the metro, and night outs with the besties. What we love more about it is that the comfy linen pants have pockets!

Get ready to walk your own runway with style and sustainability in mind.

Save up for rPET-made everyday bags

Ever heard of rPET or recycled polyethylene terephthalate? Not to be confused with PET plastic, rPET is made from recycled plastic which does not use any natural resources and decreases waste while PET is produced with petrochemicals which add up to toxic emissions. Moreover, rPET can be broken down and recycled once again.

With that being said, make sure to pay some heed to the plastic material your potential purchases have. Opt for rPET-made products such as the Travelon Anti-Theft Greenlander Small Crossbody from The Travel Club.

With the use of rPET material, this unisex bag is a sustainable addition to your fit for the day. It also has an RFID-blocking pocket, so all your personal information can be kept safe and protected. This works well as a small traveling bag and even for day-to-day endeavors.

Incorporate vegan silk protein shampoo into your hair care routine

As one of the go-to materials for eco-friendly hair care products, vegan silk protein is a sustainable alternative to regular silk protein. Because it is vegan in form, it instantly supplies a natural source of hair nourishment thanks to the minerals and plants used to churn out this material.

Vegan silk protein also imitates the same chemical structure that natural silk contains. The best part about it is that it does not comprise any harmful chemicals which are not only beneficial to the environment but also to sensitive skin.

Interested in trying a shampoo that has vegan silk protein as its main ingredient? Make your way to The Body Shop and look for their Ginger Anti-dandruff Shampoo. This cruelty-free hair care must-have is composed of ginger essential oils, birch bark, and white willow bark extracts which exude a smooth and pleasant gingery smell on your hair.

It soothes itchy and dry scalp while repairing the hair, so it’s definitely a functional shampoo that also works to eliminate dandruff. Aside from the eco-friendly formulation of the hair care product, the bottles used are also recycled, making it a greener purchase.

Play on the creativity and versatility of wood

Globally known as a tried-and-tested renewable material, wood is a flexible component that can be used for a wide variety of products. Imagine being able to use a single material for different purposes without depleting any of the planet’s natural resources — that’s incredible!

To top it off, wood waste is easy to reshape and reuse into mulch for gardening and pulp for the production of paper. With that, fewer trees are needed to be cut down as there is a never-ending list of products to create with wood.

Case in point, the aesthetic Madeira Large Herringbone Acacia Wood Board from Crate & Barrel makes a clean addition to your kitchen set. We suggest you use it for your charcuterie board when your friends come over for wine night. Taking practicality into consideration, you can also have it as a cutting board for your everyday chopping needs.

No doubt that this acacia wooden board creates an accent to your kitchen and allows you to practice sustainability even in mundane activities.

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