A Parent’s Guide to Fun and Educational Family Bonding Activities That Don’t Include Screen Time


As parents, one of our main jobs is to nurture our kids and build them up to be the best version of themselves. This entails putting them in school, enrolling them in summer workshops and trainings, and supporting them in competitions. At the same time, we want to spend quality time with them.

Good thing, fostering a tight-knit relationship with our little ones is definitely possible.

We can all agree that parenting is not a walk in the park. But don’t fret, we’re in this together! We’ve gathered a list of fun learning activities that you can do with your kiddos in the comfort of your own home.

Cherish every moment you get with your kids, and don’t forget to have fun!

Play interactive Science-related activities

You know what they say, “Start ‘em young!” Even at a young age, allow your children to spark their curiosity regarding different phenomena and Science-related topics. Introducing Science to them through even the smallest, most mundane ways develops analytical skills and paves the way for them to discover ideas on their own.

On top of that, it makes them gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The next time you swing by Toy Kingdom with your little curious kids, make sure to get your hands on the National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit. This hands-on project enables your kids to think like a paleontologist and dig for a replica molded from a real T-Rex tooth. Your little one will get to engage in learning more about fossils, this species of dinosaurs, and paleontology.

Go ahead and also bring home the National Geographic Bundle Science Kit 1 - Volcano + Cool Chem + Rock that comes with three interesting kits that your children will surely enjoy. With authentic volcano specimens, they get to build their own volcano and watch it erupt right in front of their eyes.

This kit also includes a Chemistry box where they can mix and match safe solutions to explore different chemical reactions while their interest in rocks and minerals can certainly be piqued through the wide variety of rocks included in the last kit of this bundle.

Bake simple pastries at home

One of the most enjoyable (and most delicious) activities that you can do with your mini-me is a quick baking session, especially as you both get to satisfy your tummies afterward. Not only does baking give you sweet treats to share with the entire fam, but it also teaches a ton of things to your kids.

Since baking requires following a recipe, it allows them to practice obedience and following instructions, for one wrong move may significantly affect the taste, texture, and appearance of your pastries. It also develops their patience as they wait for the treats to get baked.

Just don’t forget to keep things safe and hazard-free whenever you bond with your kids in the kitchen

To kickstart your kid’s baking journey, guide them through the White King Brownies & Crinkles Mix, as this easy-to-bake snack only requires you an oven toaster, and you’re good to go! The chocolatey goodness that you and your kiddos will taste in every bite will certainly encourage them to go for another baking activity.

Get creative with arts and crafts for kids

Unleash your kids’ creativity and broaden their imagination by letting them give arts and crafts a try. Being able to come up with crafts fuels a sense of achievement and boosts their self-confidence primarily because they get to make something out of blank papers and a set of supplies.

When starting out, try a coloring book to explore various colors and create an image that they’re proud of. Make your way to The Craft Central and purchase the Not Your Usual Alphabet Coloring Book for your child. On every page, a letter from the alphabet is shown together with a colorless photo that starts with the corresponding letter.

Your little one doesn’t only get to practice their creativity but also strengthens their knowledge of the alphabet and widens their vocabulary.

Have a great time with children while handling some cutouts and telling stories through The Craft Central’s Finger Puppets - The Mighty Jungle. Cut each character, assemble them together with your kids, and make room for them to share a story.

Playing with finger puppets also helps fine-tune your child's motor coordination skills as they navigate moving the different parts of the puppet using their fingers.

Grab a snack and watch a good family movie

Spending quality time with your kids doesn’t always need to include lots of materials that will just end up draining your energy. Setting up a chill movie marathon at home is more than enough as you get to bring your family together and even process the story as one.

Your child gets exposed to various avenues that may contribute to honing essential life skills such as interacting with others, showing empathy to those they don’t know, and respecting everyone regardless of differences.

A good laugh also builds your relationship with your kids, so feel free to choose some feel-good movies every so often.

While you’re preparing for a fun watch party with your kiddos, you wouldn’t want to forget about the snacks! Get the crowd-favorite Popperoo Butter Overload, so your entire family can munch on buttery popcorn while following the adventures of your chosen movie’s main character.

Of course, don’t forget to let them drink lots of water after delighting in these snacks!

Read a book together

Even when your children are not heading to bed yet, it’s a great idea to read a book to them as it enhances their literacy skills early on. They get to be more familiar with sounds, words, and images that are demonstrated on each page. This also helps them concentrate and focus as you read and tell the story to them.

To top it off, reading also encourages their imagination to flow as if they’re the story's characters.

For ages 4 to 8, a classic Filipino piece that your kids will love is Pan de Sal Saves the Day, Bilingual English and Tagalog Edition. Get a copy now at your nearest Fully Booked branch. This children’s book establishes Filipino culture in the minds of kids, allowing them to appreciate it even at a young age. Following the story of a girl named Pan de Sal, children will see how she reaches her dreams despite her lack of self-esteem.

No matter how busy we get, always prioritize making time for your little ones. As they grow up, it’s vital that we get to not only provide for them but most importantly; be there for them and create a strong parent-child relationship.

Spending time with them doesn’t always have to be grand. Simply asking them how their school day went goes a long way, so make it a point to catch up and bond with them.

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