Family Time 101: 5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Movie Marathon Special


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Christmas season is jam-packed with a lot of traditions such as eating piping hot bibingka, dazzling your family’s Christmas tree with colorful ornaments, and exchanging gifts with your loved ones.

With all those various holiday practices, there’s one thing that they share in common — the opportunity to bond with our family. With our kids enjoying the time of their lives during their much-deserved Christmas break, it’s the perfect chance to spend quality time with them through a holiday-themed movie marathon!

Prepare for a jolly and festive watch party with your young ones by making it extra special. We’ve listed down 5 fun ways to set up your Christmas binge-watching sesh in a way that your kids can enjoy. Let’s celebrate the merriest Christmas with our kiddos, fellow mommies, and daddies!

Set up a projector as you and your kids follow the story of Klaus


Movie marathons with our young ones are made much more unforgettable using a bigger display. With the help of a trusty projector and a blank wall, you can explore various image sizes that exude comfort for your kids’ eyes. To top it off, your family can enjoy movie time anywhere they would like with projectors that are compact and portable.

For a wireless and easy-to-carry projector, we can vouch for the Canon Rayo i8. Not only is it hassle-free to use and move from one place to another, but it also provides clear and accurate visuals through an 854 x 480 (WVGA) screen pixel resolution. Your kids would definitely not want to watch a film without this mini projector.

Try it out and put on Klaus (2019) with your young ones. This animated Santa Claus origin is all about the unexpected friendships that the toymaker, Klaus, forms and the impact it has on their local neighborhood. Catch the adventure of how the goofy characters turn their conflict-filled town into a happy and peaceful one through this Christmas film.

Make sure to also have a box of tissues beside you and your kiddos as you might shed a tear because of how heartwarming this movie can get.

Prepare addictive sweets for your family’s snacking during your Home Alone watch party

20th Century Fox

Of course, movie marathons are not complete without snacks. On the sweeter side of the snacking spectrum, our kids will certainly jump for joy when they see a pack of candies set for the night. After munching on these sweet treats, don’t forget to let our little ones drink lots of water!

When talking about candies and treats, our family would definitely enjoy the Fruit by the Foot from Candy Corner. This fruity candy roll is a playful take on a strawberry and berry flavor combination. Each bite and roll includes an explosion of sweetness that is adored by many kiddos.

Different kinds of comedic explosions here and there are also seen in the two-part Home Alone series released in 1990 and 1992. When a child is left alone during the holidays, an unexpected turn of events happens such as a pair of con men trying to rob a few valuable possessions and chasing after the poor little boy.

As an oldie but a goodie Christmas film series, Home Alone is a funny and charming watch for both the young and young at heart.

Sip some hot chocolate while breezing through the magical trip on The Polar Express

Even if we are in a tropical country, the Christmas season is a time when it gets extra cold and breezy—much like the sweater weather. That’s why it’s also a brilliant idea to prepare some hot chocolate to keep our little ones warm amidst the chilly atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy hot chocolate fix for the entire fam, go for the Swiss Miss Marshmallow as it contains chewy marshmallow bits that everyone will surely love. The well-balanced rich chocolate goodness that you’ll get from this mix is one that your kids will look forward to every time December hits.

Take the frosty yet warm mood to the next level by streaming The Polar Express with your kids, as they indulge in hot chocolate together with the characters in this film. As a classic, this journeys through a train ride to the North Pole on the very night before Christmas in hopes to confirm whether or not Santa Claus truly exists.

Released in 2004, this holiday movie adapted from the book by Chris Van Allsburg is a must-watch every single year because of its fun and imaginative storyline. No doubt that our kids will love the festive season even more through this movie.

Lounge on a tatami chair with your kids and enjoy 8-Bit Christmas