5 AquaFlask Hydration Buddies For Your Sipping Needs


Gone are the days of using paper cups or plastic bottles, thanks to the much-needed entry reusable, insulated tumblers in the market. Not only are these hydration buddies eco-friendly (yay to less carbon footprint!), they’re also pretty durable (can last you years if you take good care of them, especially the stainless-steel variants that don’t crack easily) and known for conveniently keeping your drinks cold or hot for longer. 

A Filipino-run, California-based brand that’s been making waves in the reusable water bottle industry is AquaFlask. They come in an array of colors that definitely express your personality and in different sizes for your specific sipping (or gulping) needs. 

If you’re thinking of ditching single-use plastic bottles (it’s high-time you should!), we’re highly recommending the brand. Each product is meant to hold up for years and make your hydration duties more fun and pleasurable—especially when you find the right one for your lifestyle. A ride-or-die water companion that’ll also make you consume your drinkables in a more sustainable manner. Win-win, right? 

Now, each AquaFlask stainless steel tumbler comes with a one-year warranty, covering factory defects (i.e.  broken or leaking caps, bottles that have seem to lost their insulating properties, and rattling sounds, among others). It’s also engineered with double-wall, vacuum insulation via its ThermoGuard Technology, which keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 8 to 12 hours. So you’re definitely getting bang for your buck when you buy one!

Lucky for you—we’re listing down five AquaFlask you can choose from that’ll hopefully make your shopping decision easier—and they’re all on sale! Another good news? All our AquaFlask picks are available via the SM Malls Online app. And at checkout, make sure to use the voucher code LESS100 so you can save an extra P100 on your delivery orders worth P700.

For pro athletes and gym rats

It goes without saying that athletes and gym rats need to hydrate properly during intense exercises. We all know how fluid is lost through the skin and sweat and through the lungs while breathing (yep, you read that right!), so it’s essential that fluid’s replaced at regular intervals during workout, practice, and competition. Hence, a portable insulated water tumbler should always be nearby for rehydration every 15 to 20 minutes. 

AquaFlask’s Wide Mouth with Flip Cap 64oz (Space Black) is our recommendation. At 64oz (roughly 1.89 liters or half a gallon), this can be more than enough to replenish lost water in between activities. Shop it at 64% off, now only P1,395 from P3,980 via the SM Malls Online app. 

For road trip junkies 

Trekking or hiking somewhere? Lounging at the beach from sun up to sun down? Or going on a road trip? AquaFlask’s Wide Mouth with Flip Cap 40oz (Silver Steel) is just about the right size to keep your water intake in check. It’s not so bulky and big as its 64-ounce sibling, but not too small that you’re going to miss your one-liter requirement for the day. Get it for only P850 (before P2,990) via the SM Malls Online app—that’s 70% off! 

For office warriors

It’s nice to have a hydration buddy when you’re commuting to and from the office, and the AquaFlask Wide Mouth with Spout Lid 32oz (Marine Blue) hits the right spot. You can easily stash this on your work tote or backpack without fear of spillage and know that you can bust it out when you’re feeling thirsty or need something to down a snack—whether you’re in your own car or riding public transport. Shop this one for only P750 from P2,590 via the SM Malls Online app. That’s easily 71% off!

For work-from-home setups

Sometimes, we forget to take water breaks every now and then while we’re busy working from our home offices—especially when we need to go up or down a flight of stairs (or go to another room) to refill our water glasses. Just get the AquaFlask Wide Mouth with Spout Lid 22oz (Sorbet Pink) so you’ll have a cool bottle of water to keep you refreshed throughout your work shift. Shop this bright reminder to sip your H20 at 69% off, now only P700 from P2,990 via the SM Malls Online app.

For coffee or tea drinkers

Going for a coffee or tea run? Ditch the single-use plastic cups from your favorite cafe by bringing your own insulated cup instead. Spring for AquaFlask’s Insulated Cup 20oz (Sage Green), which retails for only P650 (from P2,990) via the SM Malls Online app. That’s a 72% discount for this insulated drinkware that’s also great for travel (aka taking your favorite coffee or tea or any beverage anywhere). This one can also fit a car’s standard-sized cup holder—and you won’t have to worry about leaks since this one comes with a tight lid, too!

If you’re ready to welcome a reusable, insulated tumbler in your life, AquaFlask is it. It makes for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective sipping and swigging buddy you never knew you needed. 

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