4 Of The Buzziest Beauty Treatments To Try Post-Lockdown To Achieve #wokeuplikethis IRL


Is there anything you want to finally do post-lockdown? We don’t know about you, but there’s actually one thing that beauty and skincare junkies like us are slightly desperate to get back out and truly enjoy: IRL beauty and pampering treatments. 

DIY and at-home makeovers are okay (and we had no choice but to do these upkeeps during the peak of the pandemic), but there’s nothing quite like letting a trusted pro with years of experience under their belt do their best work—on you. 

If you’re looking into getting your money’s worth and achieve #wokeuplikethis for real, then you’re in the right place. Ahead, we’ve gathered four (4) in-clinic, non-invasive beauty treatments that are a must-try post-lockdown. Your glow up starts now—you’re welcome. 

For dull and sallow skin