The Best Snacks, Besides Popcorn, to Take to the 2023 MMFF at SM Cinema


Whether you’re a certified cinephile or someone who enjoys catching up on the hottest new releases, the best part of going to the movies is the food aka all the sweet and savory snacks you can get your hands on. 

Before the year comes to close, you can still head on over to your go-to SM Cinema to watch flicks from the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) and enhance your overall cinematic experience by switching out the traditional popcorn for some movie munchies that are as equally yummy and filling. 

Choose from 10 MMFF 2023 entries (Family of Two, Kampon, Penduko, Rewind, Becky & Badette, Broken Hearts Trip, Firefly, GomBurZa, Mallari, and When I Met You In Tokyo)—and binge on one or two films until January 7, 2024 with our snacking picks in tow. 

Gwangju Egg Drop from MOMO Korean Egg Drop

A must-try for any egg drop enthusiast, the Gwangju Egg Drop (Bokkeumbap) is a savory sandwich made with premium bacon, corn, momo egg, momo sauce, and cheese.  

Snack on this egg sub for only P175 (from P260) and get one free iced tea to boot when you order via your SM Malls Online app until month-end. 

Starving Sailor Chicken Sandwich from Army Navy

You’ll never starve in the movies when you get the Starving Sailor Chicken from Army Navy for only P300. 

It’s a hefty eight-inch sour dough bread roll with thinly sliced chicken, topped with jalapeño cheese sauce, green bell peppers, and caramelized onions. 

Ube Matcha Latte from CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice

A matcha made in heaven! 

Staring at P150 for the regular cup, the Ube Matcha Latte from CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice is refreshing and balanced drink made with the sweet flavor of ube (purple yam) and the earthy taste of matcha—with chunks of ice to complete the concoction. 

This exclusive blend is available until January 6. 

Dark Side Cheese Cup from BLK 513

The ‘dark side’ is fun and enticing when you get BLK 513’s Dark Side Cheese Cup for only P190. 

This one-of-a-kind treat is crafted with bits of caramelized cookies, cheesecake, and spiced cookie caramel toppings over an activated charcoal-infused yogurt base that balances out the sweet and salty flavors of the decadent garnish. 

Trust us, this dark cup delivers! 

Take your theater experience up a notch at SM Cinema with our movie snacks paired perfectly with notable flicks from this year’s MMFF, which will run until January 7, 2024.

For more buzz-worthy finds at exclusive offers and great discounts, don’t forget to check out SM Deals or download the SM Malls Online app, available on Google Play and the App Store. 

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